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Likes and Dislikes – The Beginning!

I’m going to be trying something new here on the blog.  Once a week or so (you know how good we are with schedules here on the blog), I’m going to put up things I like and I dislike on the blog.  Usually they’ll have to do with the previous week.  Please, add things you like and dislike in the comments.  Try to make them creative and somewhat sports related, but if they aren’t that’s okay as well.  These will usually be light-hearted and hopefully fun.

This could be a good idea that we continue, it could be a bad idea that we don’t continue.  It also might be a bad idea that we continue and in that case, haha.  This weeks will include a few things from the Olympics because I feel like they are still in everyone’s mind.  Anyway, without further ado, your first likes and dislikes!


Felix’s Perfecto!

For about a day, Seattle was on top of the baseball world, Felix got the recognition he deserved, and the town caught baseball fever.  It was a blast!  The team, and the fans, have played pretty well since the all-star break and the perfection made everyone notice.  It was a day I’ll never forget and has a glow to it that the Mariners and their fans are still basking in.

19 inning games!

Jeff Sullivan once said something like, “When extra inning games first get into extra innings you want your team to win, then after a while you just want the game to end.  If it gets past that point, you cheer for the game to go on as long as possible.”  The Cardinals and Pirates played 19 innings on Sunday and I wish it had gone another 19 innings.


Handball joined Curling as my favorite Olympic sport.  America doesn’t have a team, which is a pity, but if you haven’t seen handball go watch a clip on Youtube right now.  I’m starting a team.


This is ‘Felixing’!  Think of it as Tebowing but more awesome.  Everyone’s doing it and you should as well.People who make fun of NBC’s coverage of the Olympics

I mean, why wouldn’t you?  Ryan Seacrest is great and all (not really) but if you’re cutting away in the middle of a basketball game for a commercial (just one example) I think most people should be making fun of you.  Also, I understand that having national pride is part of the Olympics but did anyone else think NBC took it overboard at points?  I heard Bob Costas accuse two countries of cheating and scold athletes for showboating… Unless they were American.

Olympians who cheat at Badminton

That was fantastic.  It’s by far my favorite sports scandal of the year.


People who get upset about friends posting Olympic news when it actually happens and not waiting until it’s shown in prime-time…

I had friends on Facebook who were begging people to stop posting Olympic results before they actually happened.  Wait, what?  That doesn’t make any sense.  If it meant that much to you, watch it live or stay off of Facebook.  Crazy, I know.  Also, by the time NBC showed the event in their prime time slot you could have watched the event live, watched it again (assuming you recorded it, since it obviously meant a lot to you), drove 20 minutes to dinner, taken an hour to eat a burrito, rented a movie from Redbox, driven home, watched the movie, watched the event on your computer and then watched the event in prime time again.  This is assuming that this event wasn’t 10 P.M. London time, the event wasn’t longer than an hour and a half (most weren’t), and the movie you rented wasn’t John Carter (because that movie is at least 7 hours long).

Jon Heyman…

Injuries to football players on teams that I like to root for…

Not only is it just bad news but it puts all fans into panic mode and then no one’s reasonable.

The Wind

Matthew and I just spent a good share of yesterday evening putting plastic over windows so that we would be ready to paint our parents house tomorrow.  Now, the wind decided to show up and blow some of it off.  You’re just showing up here wind and disrespecting our hard work?  And no, I didn’t forget to put Jon Heyman’s explanation, I just didn’t think he was worthy of an explanation.

The Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox

The Mariners never have good luck against these teams.  Paul Konerko hits over .1000 when he plays Seattle (please, don’t check those stats) and the Orioles hit a walk-off each night they play the Mariners.  Lets hope that changes over the course of the next few weeks as the M’s march toward the wild card.

Again, add yours below.  Thanks for reading,



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Mariners Game Recap – 5/13 – Worst loss so far?

Well, well, well, how did I draw this game recap? I wanted it of course, Felix on the mound against the worst team in the league, this was an air-tight opportunity to see a great pitcher dominate and the Mariners win. Up until the bottom of the 8th, the M’s had it, and then it happened. League has been solid all year, but he blew up. Base hits, walks, home runs, it was a bloodbath. Then the M’s put two guys on in the 9th, Josh Wilson at 2nd base, Ichiro rips a base hit to left field, and Mike Brumley, as he is want to do, sends Wilson. Patterson makes a perfect throw, and Wilson is gunned down to end the game. I don’t blame Brumley for sending Wilson, do you really think Figgins is capable of getting a hit to drive him in? He looked terrible all day going 0-3 with 2 K’s. Here are some of observations:

  • Michael Saunders is coming into his own and establishing himself as a legit option in left field. Dan and I agree that Saunders should in left, Bradley at DH when he comes back. Saunders’ at bat in the 5th was a sight to behold fouling pitch after pitch off before hitting a single to right to score Ichiro.
  • Ichiro is “quietly” batting .348 with 10 stolen bases and a top 15 OBP. He is, yet again, having an all-star season. I wonder if people still want Figgins leading off?
  • Felix had a nice bounce back game dominating Baltimore. That was good to see. I feel Wak should have left him in there into the 8th, but hindsight is 20/20. This is Baltimore, you would expect our bullpen to shut down one of the worst teams in the league.

Overall this game was a heart-breaker. For my money the worst loss of the year. It’s too bad, a lot of good happened. Let’s hope The Fist stops the bleeding and yet again gives the Mariners hitters a chance to win.


(Forgot the hero and goat: Hero – Michael Saunders. Goat – Brandon League.)


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Mariners Game Recap – 4/19/2010 – The Fist and The 3rd!

Enter The Fist

My fellow Good Guy Andrew is scheming to recap every Felix Hernandez game this year. That’s fine, you can have Felix, Andrew, I’ll take Doug Fister!

This is a very simple recap: It’s all about Doug Fister and the bottom of the 3rd inning. Let’s cover both.

Doug Fister: The Fist pitched exceptionally well. Granted it was against Baltimore and everyone is quick to remind folks like me of that fact. I would respond that it doesn’t matter, a win is a win, he pitched against a major league lineup. I know the O’s suck right now, but Nick Markakis is good, Wigginton has been in the bigs for a while, Weiters is a rising star, Luke Scott is no slouch. Fister kept pounding the strike zone forcing Baltimore to swing and forcing the Mariners defense to make plays. This is why I love Fister, I think he knows what he is: He’s not overpowering, he doesn’t have superior stuff, but he knows how to pitch and use all the millionaires behind him. I love how he works fast, keeping the pace up. As a fan that is fun to watch. Julio Lugo (I can’t stand the guy, always has annoyed me…) continually tried to slow Fister down by stepping out, adjusting himself, wiggling around, it was absolutely annoying. No matter, The Fist was having none of it. Lugo was 0-3.

We all know Fister had a no-no going into the 7th, that was fun. Overall, a solid performance from Fister. I feel he has earned his way into staying in the rotation when Cliff Lee comes back. I see no reason not to keep him there, he is doing what he is being asked to do. Let’s not outsmart ourselves here and get all baseball geeky stats and move him to the pen for some reason. The Fist belongs in the rotation until he doesn’t deserve it any longer. It’s really simple!

Bottom of the 3rd: The inning started mundane enough, Rob Johnson flying out to center. It ended mundane enough, Rob Johnson striking out on three pitches. But what happened in the middle was pure baseball goodness, a little bit of everything for every baseball fan.

After the Robo-Rob fly out, Jack Wilson stretched a single into a double by hustling 100% out of the box, forcing a bad throw from left, and sliding safely into second with a double. Ichiro and Figgins then forced walks to load the bases. The Baltimore pitcher, Brad Bergesen, was clearly bothered by Ichiro and Figgins. He was agitated on the mound, was afraid to hit the strike zone, and Ichiro and Figgins were happy to watch him burn. I love the plate discipline both showed, knowing full well Bergesen was stressed. Gutierrez then showed yet again why he is a emerging superstar at the plate. He knew what he had to do, and under control, ripped am RBI single to left. Lopez then grounded to Wigginton who promptly booted a sure fire DP ball. Junior then singled for another RBI. Then came the power. Milton Bradley absolutely ripped a double to deep left center. It was beautiful swing and hit. When Bradley is right, he is extremely dangerous at the plate. Casey Kotchman then followed up with a mammoth home run to right.

The inning had it all: Hustle, plate discipline, a little luck, awesome oppo-field power, and Casey’s bomb. And it was quick too. It was 7-0 within 15 minutes. Game over, Mariners win.

If the M’s can keep the plate discipline going, they will score runs. Innings like the 3rd don’t come around often, so I was pleased to be able to witness it, baseball, in many respects, in it’s purest form.

Hero: Easy, Doug Fister. He came out and did work, and got it done.

Goat: Rob Johnson. He was terrible at the plate. 0-4, 2K’s, 2LOB. On a night when everyone was hitting, it’s tough to excuse this line…


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