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Leone for Third–The Start of Mariner Blogging

It’s amazing where you can end up after a few clicks surfing online. While reading a Lookout Landing post last night, I noticed a list of other Mariner blogs. I ended up at “Leone for Third.” This is the original Lookout Landing blog, created by Jeff Sullivan back in 2003, when blogs were babies. The posts are pure gold, and definitely worth checking out. Jeff Sullivan was documenting the beginning of the Bavasi era, and he saw every bad move before it happened. Thank God those years are over.

So much has changed in 8 years, and yet, so much is the same. Before this 2011 season began, I wrote a post begging the M’s to make a run at signing Vladimir Guerrero. The market seemed to be drying up for Vlady, and Baltimore was the only team being mentioned for his services, so it seemed wise to to throw a contract offer his way. Back in December, 2003, Sullivan wrote this:

I’m also quite disappointed that we never so much as suggested that we’re even interested in Vladimir Guerrero. I thought the market would be much bigger for him than it’s turned out to be, and given that Baltimore appears to be the only serious suitor I don’t see the harm in throwing a contract his way to see if it sticks

Uh, kinda weird.

Anyways, do yourself a favor and check out http://www.leoneforthird.blogspot.com
In case you are lazy, here are some of the gems Continue reading


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Opening Day Quick Hits

– Jack Hanahan starts at 3B for Cleveland. Jose Lopez starts at 2B for Colorado. These statements are surprising, but I should probably point out that Hanahan was 3-5 today with a homerun and 3 runs scored, while Lopez was 2-5 with a homerun, 2 RBI, and a stolen base.

– Seattle’s odds of winning the divison are about the same as the odds of Jack Cust hitting a home run. If the M’s fate this season came down to one at bat, in which Cust had to hit a home run, our odds would be slim, but I would definitely watch to see what happens. This is why I will watch the Mariners this year, and I hope you are encouraged to as well.

– In case you missed Jeff Sullivan’s post on SB Nation, here are the 5 worst team slogans for 2011.
(5) Toronto Blue Jays: Hustle + Heart (2.0)
(4) Seattle Mariners: Ready to play
(3) Houston Astros: We are your Astros
(2) Florida Marlins: Catch our moves
(1) Kansas City Royals: Major League moments-
The Mariners set modest expectations when they promised that their players would be ready to play baseball, but this is setting expectations as low as expectations get. All this slogan does is confirm that the Royals play Major League Baseball, and that over the course of their season there will be moments that take place during their games. It doesn’t say anything about whether those moments will be good moments or bad moments, memorable moments or forgettable moments. It just says that there will be moments.

– The Mariners are a 1/2 game back in the AL West. If they are to get out of last place, they had better start playing some games.

– I was browsing on USS Mariner today and I stumbled across a March ’09 post. The entertaining part was the comments section, as it often is. Some comments are stupid when they are written in present day, and the stupidity is often multiplied 10 fold as time passes. Here was the one that caught my eye-

Wait about 2 more years when Tui, Carp, Moore, Olson, Fields, and (most importantly) Aumont get called up among others and are more polished as major leaguers, along with the young guys we have now on the roster such as Jeff Clement that haven’t broken out yet but should at some point

I don’t know what to say about this, other than, yikes.

– Finally, opening day is refreshing for a number of reasons. For me, it signals the end of winter, though looking outside does not exactly back up that statement. But another refreshing part for me is that for the next 6 months, I can sit back and watch the most pure sport there is. Oh sure some will argue baseball is far from pure, and when it comes to balls and strikes, and safe vs. out, mistakes are made. But how often does a game end and one thinks, “boy, the umpires cost us that game.” In football, soccer, and basketball, refs drive me nuts, and there are times where I blame them for a part of my team’s loss. This rarely happens in baseball, and it is refreshing. No more Pac-10 officiating!


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