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It Must be Oregon Week

If you were to ask my girlfriend, she would say that I’ve acted a little differently than normal this week.  She’s the one who spends the most time with me and the only one, aside from me, who probably noticed but she’s right.  I wouldn’t say that I’ve been in a bad mood or not fun to be around.  No, I’d just say that I’m a little more on edge than I usually am.  I didn’t know why, but this afternoon it became clear to me.

I was listening to Kevin Calabro and Jim Moore (I don’t know why, that show is not very good) on my way to school tonight and a Duck fan called in.  He talked about how any thoughts of the Huskies winning were ridiculous.  He said that if the Huskies were thinking about taking some shots on Darron Thomas, then Keith Price was going to be in a world of hurt.  Then, he said that even though Chip Kelly and Oregon are under NCAA investigation that Husky fans are celebrating a cheater Saturday, who had to resign because of sanctions.

That last comment really ticked me off.  I went into Starbucks and, while glaring at a lady who walked in the shop wearing an Oregon sweatshirt, realized what had been bugging me all week.  It’s just the Ducks.  Last year I wrote a quick post about why I hate the Ducks and, frankly, while reading back through it I thought of more and more reasons.

I’m not going to make this post into a list of reasons why I hate the Ducks, that would get me angry and you would get bored around reason number 53 or so.  Instead, I wanted to pass along a quote given by our very own Good Guy, Joe., about his trip to Eugene.

“As we drove into Eugene on I-5 signs were hanging on the overpasses saying all sorts of stuff, mostly i cant repeat.  Then, because we all had Husky gear on, the parking attendants made us park like 3 miles from Autzen and then forced us to walk right through the alumni parking lot.

Then after the parking lot, we had to walk to the visitors seating gate. We sat with the teams parents, one of Sams high school buddies played for UW, Nick Newton.  That gate is right next to the UO student gate.  Let me tell you, there’s no more pathetic group of humans.  Our band was coming in at the same time and the UO students were all over them, yelling and throwing crap at them.  THE BAND!!!!!

This is one of the many stories I’ve heard from Husky fans about Autzen Stadium.  I’ve heard many fans say they will never take their kids or their wife there.  Not that Husky fans are saints.  I’m sure that there have been plenty of altercations that were started by Husky fans over the years and I’m sure there will be more on Saturday night, but my biased opinion is that Oregon has the most classless fan-base in America.  When I take my seat on Saturday I expect to see a few fans in green and yellow around me, holding up a symbol with their hands that is supposed to resemble an ‘O’.  I’ll mutter a few things under my breath, then move on.  If one of them dares to say something during the honoring of Don James or the ’91 team, things will get ugly in the stadium.

There wasn’t a huge point to this post (frankly, it’s quite a waste of the Good Guys’ 500th post), but one thought that keeps me going is wondering what the rivalry will be like when these two teams are even.  One part of me thinks that it’ll be more heated because the game will mean more.  Then again, my hate might die down once the Huskies put this terrible losing streak behind them.  Let’s face it, the Duck’s dominance over the Huskies in the last 7 years probably sours our view of them even more.  Ted Miller sums up that the  Huskies winning would be good for the conference.  I’m thinking that I could care less about the conference come Saturday, I just want to beat the dang Ducks.

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