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UW vs. OSU Thoughts the Morning After

Tough but good win for the Huskies.  With ASU’s loss, I’d say UW is probably in the tournament, as long as Cal wins the Pac-10 tourney and not too many crazy things happen elsewhere.  A win tonight should seal the deal.

  • So much good entertainment in the game last night.  Andrew already wrote about Unbreakable.  The Husky cheerleaders were on fire.  I’ve never seen cheerleaders so excited about a game.  Had me wondering if they’re big basketball fans or just really pumped up to do their job.  And then… the missed dunk.  Missed dunks by the other team, especially on breakaways, might be my favorite part of a basketball game, and that was a great one.  Visually appealing, total momentum changer avoided.  That might have been the biggest moment of the game. Continue reading


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