Your 2010 Mariners!

I have a lengthy plan for a series of posts to prepare us for the upcoming Mariners season.  It’ll actually probably carry well into the season, given the rate at which I’m posting so far.  And one of these days I will write about something other than the Mariners.

Anyway, the plan: I, or one of my fellow Good Guys, will write a post for every Mariner, not limited to just the big league roster.  We’ll hit minor leaguers as we see fit, especially the ones who might contribute, but also the ones with cool names and no talent, as the urge strikes.  The other bloggers can then jump in to add their own thoughts, either by editing the original or in the comments.  And if we have readers outside of the four of us, please comment away! We’ll try to keep updating them throughout the season as noteworthy things happen for each player.

We’ll title each entry: Y2010M!, followed by the player name, so they’re easy to search for as reference later. (The Y2010M! is for Your 2010 Mariners!  Get it?  I just abbreviated everything.) 

First up:  Y2010M! Ichiro!  Just as soon as I get a chance to write it.




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5 responses to “Your 2010 Mariners!

  1. Jessica

    YCW! (thats abbreviation for Yay Cant Wait!). 😉

  2. I don’t think I get it. Y2010M? Can you try explaining again.

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