A few Husky/random thoughts.

Happy Friday to you all and thank you for a great first week on the blog.  We’ve got some ideas that we’re excited to write about coming up soon.  Anyway, here are some thoughts to kick off a three day weekend:

  • I’m as disappointed as anyone that the Huskies lost last night.  Really, I would’ve given my right foot’s pinky toe to win that game but I wasn’t that upset afterwards.  First of all, I expected to lose.  This isn’t exactly a good thing but a win just never seemed likely to me.  Secondly, the dawgs didn’t play that bad.  Cal was simply on fire.  Did you see some of the things Jerome Randle did last night?  When a player gets going like that there’s not much you can do.  Even when falling behind by 18 the Huskies fought.  That’s more than we can say about any of their other pac-10 road games (save UCLA).  I truly believe that if we were playing any other pac-10 team we would’ve won last night, Cal was just ready to go.  One other thought on the game and then we can put it to rest.  The Huskies had just cut the lead to 8 and Randle dribbled the ball down the court.  Gutierrez shoves Thomas right into Overton, they knock each other down and then Randle hits a 3.  Maybe it’s just me but shouldn’t there be a foul called there.  It’s hard to tell how much Thomas flopped but it seemed pretty evident that he was pushed.  I’ll stop now before I start on a rant about Pac-10 refs.
  • Tomorrow’s game is huge.  If the Huskies play like they did yesterday I really think they’ll win, but the last few times they’ve got beat on Thursday they’ve come out flat on Saturday.  Stanford sucks but they’re also 5-0 at home.  If the Huskies lose this game an at-large bid to the tournament seems highly unlikely.  A few suggestions to make the

    Elston Turner?

    Dawgs’ feel more at home.  Purple-shaded sports goggles– Can you imagine Venoy wearing these?  Elston Turner dresses up as the Husky mascot Harry– Lets be honest, Turner isn’t doing us any good.  If he were to dawn Harry’s costume it would give the team a reminder of home.  Plus, if we somehow blew the Cardinal out we could put him in and how cool would it be to see Harry on the court?  Give them the special drink Bugs Bunny uses in Space Jam-  I love Space Jam. 

A few more sports thoughts:      

  • I really don’t like Geoff Baker(Seattle Times Mariners beat writer).  He comes back from his vacation and his first blog post is a sarcastic apology to players he’s made fun of over the years.  A day earlier Steve Kelley wrote a column apologizing to Erik Bedard for his poor treatment by the media (it was a nice idea but poorly executed).  I didn’t like Baker to begin with but this post sent me over the edge.  I admit, I’ll be the first to make a Carlos Silva fat joke but I’m also not a professional journalist.  Baker is good at what he does but he comes off very arrogant to me and doesn’t seem like a very nice guy. 
  • I wonder if there are online classes I could take to become a certified pac-10 ref, it seems like that’s all it takes. 
  • Maybe it’s time to sit Abdul Gaddy.  I like him and think he’ll be a very good player in time but he’s just not helping the team right now.  I know he needs time to develop, but I think that Overton, Thomas, and Suggs all need to play  more minutes than he does.  Breshers also seems like he’s worn down and is getting outplayed by MBA.  When you’re getting outplayed by MBA you know things are bad. 
  • There’s a girl named Hooch Fagaly on the Huskies softball team.  Really??! That poor girl.  Oh, and Danielle Lawrie threw a perfect game in the first game of the season.
  • A few happy thoughts to enter the weekend.  Pete Carroll is no longer coach of USC, Paul Wulff is still coach of WSU, Cliff Lee is a Mariner, and Space Jam is at your local Blockbuster just waiting for you to rent it.



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  1. Cindy Long

    I’m sorry your Space Jam jersey doesn’t fit any more!

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