UW vs USC – The Battle at HecEd

Time to go old school on USC.

The UW vs USC smackdown at Hec Ed. I have been stewing over this game since Saturday, because, as other writers on this freight train of a blog have stated, tonights game is probably the UW’s toughest match-up. USC has always been a tough for the Dawgs. That’s doesn’t mean they own us, it just means the games always tend to be very physical and a grinder. Watching Jon Brockman and Taj Gibson throw each other around for four years was a treat.

Now for the geeky part. I am very comfortable and open with the fact that I have a very strong geek streak in me. It doesn’t help much with the ladies, but it does help when it comes to breaking down basketball match ups. Therefore, I have to plug the following website:


Stat Sheet.com is literally a cornucopia of stat goodness. The very definition of good, ratio, +/- juju. They have a great page for tonights match up here:


Based on the stat guru, the Huskies are an 8 pt favorite. Considering the UW has blown out most home opponents this year, and couple that with the tougher than normal match up, inside a 10 pt game sounds very realistic. I expect it to be much closer actually. USC thoroughly dismantled UW in their first match up. Pondexter had probably his worst game of the year, 2pts. Overton played well with 18pts, and was seemingly the only Husky player that showed up that day. I expect things to be very different tonight. Look for Overton to play well again, along with Isaiah. I am very concerned with USC’s strength, so I don’t see MBA, or any other player who mucks it up down low having a good night. I think this game could come down to outside shooting, especially Suggs and Turner from three range, and Quincy being able to knock down his 20ft jumpers. If the shots are not falling, the Huskies will need to crash the boards, which they are very good at, 1st in the Pac-10.

As always, the game will come down to desire and hustle. The Dawgs are a top 15 team at home. I like the fact that the UW has a bone to pick with both SC and UCLA this weekend, more motivation to play hard on defense and get physical on the blocks. I am looking for a close, hard fought victory tonight for the Huskies.




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5 responses to “UW vs USC – The Battle at HecEd

  1. Good stuff Joe, I enjoy your previews!

  2. jmscansen

    I’m so excited for this game, especially because I get to watch the action in person. Praying for a W!

  3. Thanks for rubbing it in…. 😉

  4. Wow, that was a little too much for me.

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