Some Non-Depressing Friday Thoughts

(I had no idea me and Joe had just about the same ideas for a post until I put this up.  Thankfully we covered some different things but sorry that it’s the same idea!)

At about 9:20 last night I was sitting in my car, shivering and listening to the Husky game on the radio (all the TV’s were taken at school).  In between yelling at the radio and fist pumps I started thinking about my blog post for today.  I was fully prepared to recount one of the most exciting comebacks in Husky history.  Ready to talk about Quincy Pondexter’s buzzer beater for a one point Husky win.  Ready to talk about how this comeback victory could give the Huskies the steam they needed for the rest of the season.  I left my car 15 minutes later disappointed and exhausted.  The dawgs didn’t win.  So, after that devastating loss and a ho-hum week I don’t want to recap that game.  As my good friend R. Kelly wisely said, “It’s the freackin’ weekend baby, I’m about to have me some fun.”  So lets start this weekend off with some happy thoughts!

  • The talks continue this week about the expansion of the pac-10.  There have been several good articles lately that have advocated that instead of expanding to 12 teams the pac should go to 16.  In my opinion, this makes sense.  If the conference simply expands to 12 teams with the addition of Colorado and Utah I question that they’re mainly adding to the quantity of the conference instead of the quality.  But if an expansion to 16 teams happened, the possibility of adding a powerhouse such as Texas grows significantly.  Why would a team like Texas go to the pac-10?  Mainly for research and academic reasons but lets take a look at an interesting scenario.  The Big-10 is looking to expand to 16 teams with teams like Missouri and Pittsburg.  If this happened they would leave most other conferences in the dust in terms of prestige and revenue.  To keep up with them the Pac-10  might need the state of Texas.  If the Longhorns were to come that means that Texas A&M would most likely have to come.  And then Texas legislation may not want these two schools to jump ship without Baylor and Texas Tech.  Add these 4 schools plus Colorado and Utah and this has turned into our 16-team super conference.  This would not only increase the quantity of the conference but also the quality.  Do I think this is likely? No, not really.  But I think it makes more sense than adding 2 teams that would barely help the perception of the Pac-10.  If the Big-10 expands the dominoes would start to fall.  Then it will be a battle between the Big-12 and Pac-10 to stay relevant.  I like the Pac-10’s chances in that scenario. (I don’t know if this makes any sense to anyone else or if you find this interesting, but it was somewhat intriguing to me so I thought I’d share.)
  • Ken Griffey Jr. arrived in Peoria today.  Geoff Baker reported that he was seen talking to Cliff Lee.  When Lee was first traded here it was apparent that he’d rather be in Philly and who could blame him.  But there’s nothing like a little talk with a future hall-of-famer to make you feel more at home.  I can just picture Jr. and Lee sitting at a table sharing stories and having a laugh.  That thought really makes me smile.
  • Danielle Lawrie picked up her 100th career victory this week.  The softball team is 6-1 and the good guys’ favorite


    Husky female athlete, Hooch Fagaly continues to have success.

  • Rob Johnson is the Mariners catcher.  Sorry I forgot this was supposed to be cheerful.
  • Chip Kelly held a press conference today that addressed the teams off-field issues.  He had some interesting quotes.  “I always believe discipline is improving behavior.”  Obviously you don’t use discipline Chip.  He also said, “There can’t be a rush to judgement” and “I’ll wait for some of these to play out in a court of law.”  Looking at this from my biased opinion it feels like he’s saying, “Lets see if these things will blow over.”  And finally he said, “We don’t accept this and won’t accept this.”  That sounds great but how will you un-accept it? I’m just a little confused….
  • 39 days until Husky spring practice starts.  69 days until the Husky spring game.  And 196 days until I’m in Provo watching the Dawgs!  Football and baseball are on the horizon!

Thanks for reading this very random post!



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