Spring Training Cuts- Rd. 1

First set of cuts yesterday.  In case you don’t follow spring training too closely, the team starts with lots of players and eventually cuts it to 25.  I think the Mariners started with 60 some.  The big number lets them get looks at young players or veterans and provides an incentive or some big league experience for the young guys.  Lookout Landing did a much more entertaining version of this, by the way.  The cuts:

  • Chris Seddon, Steven Shell- Two pitchers I hadn’t heard of who didn’t throw well and may never he heard from again.
  • Luis Oliveros- Minor league catcher with no real chance of ever making the bigs.  Guys like him are mostly there so they have enough catchers for all the pitchers who have to throw.
  • Steve Baron- Another catcher, but hopefully we’ll hear from this one again. Oft-debated 33rd pick overall last year out of high school.  Elite defensive catching prospect, questionable hitting, although he did manage a couple of hits in his limited spring at-bats.  Got good reviews from players and management mostly for being excited to be there.
  • Ryan Feierabend- Former decent starting pitching prospect, recovering from Tommy John surgery.  Softer throwing lefty who is a long shot to make it back, but you never know.
  • Mauricio Robles- Lefty acquired from Detroit.  Currently a starter, might end up in pen.  Good stuff got some raves early in camp, but needs seasoning for now.  Short guy, big arm.
  • Josh Fields- Reliever, last Bavasi first rounder, signed very late by Jack Z.  Last year was his first pro season.  Big fastball, killer curve, hasn’t put it together.  Thought of as a future closer when drafted, results have tempered that for now.  Still could be dynamite and get to bigs quick if he finds some control.
  • Nick Hill- Lefty pitcher.  Only guy remotely surprising on this list.  We might see him up later, so we’ll save any discussion for an eventual Y2010M! post.

Also, Cliff Lee threw yesterday, Kotchman batted third today, Wilson and Aardsma are working their way back from minor injuries.  The first of hopefully many Ichiro-Figgins double steals today. 

In basketball news, UCLA and Cal winners in the Pac-10 tournament so far today.  Memphis lost, hopefully taking them off the bubble.  Georgetown beat Syracuse, maybe helping the Dawgs a tiny bit.  I’m more and more inclined to think UW and ASU are in unless one of them loses tonight.  But maybe not, so tomorrow should be fun if they meet.  Go Huskies!




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2 responses to “Spring Training Cuts- Rd. 1

  1. Joe Loughery

    As of right now, Lunardi has the Huskies IN the tourney, along with ASU. Memphis got bumped out by virtue of their loss. The Huskies REALLY need to take care of business tonight. It’s right there for the taking.

    • Matthew

      Good, hadn’t seen that yet. I think the analysts and a lot of fans got so wrapped up in the Pac-10’s slow start that they missed it when a few of the teams started playing pretty well. Hopefully they don’t prove me wrong tonight.

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