Unbreakable by Beach Girl5

I thought about writing an exciting recap about the Huskies nerve-wracking, come from behind victory against an over-achieving Oregon State team.  I sat down to write and tried to start typing but something else was on my mind.  A song was in my head that was blocking any long-term basketball thoughts.  That song was Unbreakable by Beach Girl5. 

Yes, this is the same song that FSN has been playing after every single commercial break during the Pac-10 tournament.  I watched the tournament off and on throughout the day and heard the song about 5 times.  Then came the 2 night games.  I sat down and watched both of these games but instead of basketball taking over the night it was Beach Girl5. 

I’m all for a good theme song for the Pac-10 tournament; ESPN does a fairly good job of putting music to sports highlights.  They do this by using guitar driven or anthemic songs.  Lately it seems that Muse has been used all the time which is fine by me, Muse pumps me up.  But no, FSN screws it up again and instead of hearing something that gets my adrenaline going I’m stuck listening to 5 teenage girls sing. 

Am I being harsh? Yes.  I’m sure Beach Girl5 is made up of wonderful girls who attract a teenage girl following.  And I”m sure FSN’s audience for the Pac-10 tournament mainly consists of teenage girls… Oh wait.  Off the top of my head I can think of 4 teenage girls who would watch the pac-10 tournament.  These young ladies are far superior and more awesome than your average teenage girl.  All this to say, this song does not match who is watching these games.

Lets take a quick look at some of the lyrics to this song.  The song starts of with the lyric: “I’ve seen a couple things in my life, But ain’t nothin gunna beat the things I’ve seen in you.”  Sweet.  I’m sure Q-Pon blushes when he knows his highlights are paired to those show-stopping lyrics.  The chorus to this ballad goes: 

“Now It’s official we managed to make it through
We’re unbreakable. We don’t miss a beat now, we’re singing in perfect tune.
We’re unbreakable. I’m holding on tightly. Your holding on to me too. Simply unbreakable
with nothing to prove, how can we lose
Cuz I’m in love with you”

I don’t feel like I need to say anything about those, they speak for themselves.  Bad lyrics bother me more than most people for reasons that I won’t go into. 

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you more about Beach Girl5; they don’t have a wiki so I don’t have the motivation to look anywhere else.  FSN never ceases to surprise me with how bad it can be.  They didn’t even pick Beach Girl5’s best song which would obviously be “Money Grubbin.”  How can a song with a name like that not be awesome….  So, just in case you can’t make until 6:00 tomorrow to have “Unbreakable” take over your head, here is the video! Enjoy!  And again, thank you FSN for this wonderful song pick. 


(One more quick note.  Other people to write songs named Unbreakable include Alicia Keys, The Backstreet Boys, and the late, great Michael Jackson.)




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2 responses to “Unbreakable by Beach Girl5

  1. Joe Loughery

    Boy, oh, boy. FSN really out did itself last night. That song was so brutal, so destructive to my mind, I almost for got about that OSU dude bricking his dunk and the 20-4 Husky run. My mind was numb. Brain cells were lost last night…

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