Sports as National Holidays

Some days in sports are cause for celebration, today being one of them.  I’m beginning to think that we sell these days short and they should become national holidays.  Here are a few days that need to be celebrated to the fullest extent (by fullest extent I mean that there should be no school or work on those days).

  • The first 2 days of March Madness–  This is a must.  I already skip classes on these days and know many friends who do the same.  There are basketball games from 9 am to 10 pm on these first 2 days and there are usually some fantastic matchups.  As if that wasn’t enough to get these days off, people are even more invested because of the brackets they filled out.  These two days are awesome and this should be a no-brainer. 
  • Opening Day (baseball)-  I’ve waited through a month of spring training to get to this day and here I am stuck at school.  It’d be great to be sitting on the couch right now, with some chips and salsa, watching two irrelevant teams play baseball.  Instead, I’ll drive over to good ol’ Maple Valley tonight and catch the Mariners game and maybe half of another one.  I know some people get bored watching baseball all day and I willingly admit that the Opening Day Holiday does not have as much zest as The March Madness Holidays but you wouldn’t be forced to watch sports on these days.  Are you forced to do labor on Labor Day?  Do you hang up pictures of Honest Abe and sing songs about him on Presidents Day?  You wouldn’t have to watch baseball.  But, for the sake of us baseball diehards, this day should be a national holiday.  (Not to mention Opening Day is the same day as the National Championship this year.  Which leads me to say, if you’re a Butler fan and you’re working today, for goodness sakes stop!  Butler’s in the national championship, stop working.)
  • National Signing Day (college football)-  This is a stretch but I really enjoy this day.  I feel that it’s vastly under-rated and not many people know about it.  If everyone became well-educated about this day they’d realize it’s importance.  Unfortunately, this one isn’t too exciting to watch but it’s fun to keep track of online.
  • Thursday and Friday of the Masters-  I know that golf can be boring.  I know that some of you would rather work than watch golf on TV.  But I know my dad would love to have these two days off to watch golf.  Therefore, it should be a national holiday.

Well, there are more but I don’t want to make this argument seem too ridiculous so I’ll stop here.  If this does become law the Good Guys’ call dibs on naming these holidays.  We wouldn’t let it be something boring like “The First Two Days of March Madness.”  We’d make it way cooler than that. 

Anyway, Happy Opening day my friends.  This is a day to be celebrated and the start of a season to remember (I hope).  Go Mariners!



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  1. Garrett

    I would love to have the first two days of the Masters as a holiday. Probably the best golf tournament of the year.

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