How to Cheer for the Spring Game

For the past few years I’ve made the drive with my dad from Yakima to Seattle for the Husky spring football game.  This year I only have to take the ten minute drive across the bridge to get there.  While this is a change from recent years, I will still be going into the game with one question on my mind: How do I cheer for this game? 

Come about 6 o’clock tomorrow night, I imagine I’ll take my seat, save spots for my fellow good guys and a few friends, watch the game and just cheer along when everyone else does.  But I’ve found often times that I don’t want to do this.  Maybe it’s because I’m looking for things that other people aren’t looking for.  Maybe it’s because I’m a rebel (not really).  The truth is when 8,000-10,000 people get together to watch a team play against itself there is no set way of cheering.  I thought I’d throw out a few ideas I’ve had on how to cheer for the game tomorrow.  Some of these are pretty standard, some of these will get people to stare at you.  Here you go:

  • Cheer for big plays on offense and defense.  This is generally what happens.  It’s fine.  I don’t really have a lot of excitement towards this philosophy.  Even 3-year olds can shout exclamations after Jake Locker throws a touchdown.  It’s these other ideas that will set you apart.
  • Cheer every single time Jake Locker touches the ball.  I know this may sound dumb but think about it.  If anyone deserves to hear our shrieks it’s #10.  If there is a roar every time he takes a snap and drops back I think he’ll begin to feel the sense of appreciation we have for him sticking around for one more year.  Call it stupid, call it brilliant, I tend to think that Jake is deserving of this treatment.
  • Cheer every time Senio Kelemente knocks a defensive lineman to the ground.  People will look at you but you’ll get the last laugh when Senio is named to the all pac-10 team this year or next year.  Trust me on this one.
  • Cheer for good plays by the defense.  Usually the focus is on the offense during these games because people like to see points scored.  I get that.  But, we know the offense is good; we don’t need to worry about the offense.  The defense is another story so support them.  Most people whine and moan about an incomplete pass at these games but realize that it takes a good play on one side to make a bad play on the other.  This idea is the one I feel strongest about if that means anything.
  • Cheer for the punter, Will Mahen.  Punters are incredibly lame and they probably know this, therefore they may need a self-esteem boost. 

If you have anymore ideas post them in the comments!  I’ll be back tomorrow with a preview of the game and players to watch.  Thanks for reading!


Note:  I didn’t attend practice today because it was only an hour long and mainly just special teams stuff.  If you’re looking for a practice report check out Condotta’s blog.


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