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How to Cheer for the Spring Game

For the past few years I’ve made the drive with my dad from Yakima to Seattle for the Husky spring football game.  This year I only have to take the ten minute drive across the bridge to get there.  While this is a change from recent years, I will still be going into the game with one question on my mind: How do I cheer for this game? 

Come about 6 o’clock tomorrow night, I imagine I’ll take my seat, save spots for my fellow good guys and a few friends, watch the game and just cheer along when everyone else does.  But I’ve found often times that I don’t want to do this.  Maybe it’s because I’m looking for things that other people aren’t looking for.  Maybe it’s because I’m a rebel (not really).  The truth is when 8,000-10,000 people get together to watch a team play against itself there is no set way of cheering.  I thought I’d throw out a few ideas I’ve had on how to cheer for the game tomorrow.  Some of these are pretty standard, some of these will get people to stare at you.  Here you go:

  • Cheer for big plays on offense and defense.  This is generally what happens.  It’s fine.  I don’t really have a lot of excitement towards this philosophy.  Even 3-year olds can shout exclamations after Jake Locker throws a touchdown.  It’s these other ideas that will set you apart.
  • Cheer every single time Jake Locker touches the ball.  I know this may sound dumb but think about it.  If anyone deserves to hear our shrieks it’s #10.  If there is a roar every time he takes a snap and drops back I think he’ll begin to feel the sense of appreciation we have for him sticking around for one more year.  Call it stupid, call it brilliant, I tend to think that Jake is deserving of this treatment.
  • Cheer every time Senio Kelemente knocks a defensive lineman to the ground.  People will look at you but you’ll get the last laugh when Senio is named to the all pac-10 team this year or next year.  Trust me on this one.
  • Cheer for good plays by the defense.  Usually the focus is on the offense during these games because people like to see points scored.  I get that.  But, we know the offense is good; we don’t need to worry about the offense.  The defense is another story so support them.  Most people whine and moan about an incomplete pass at these games but realize that it takes a good play on one side to make a bad play on the other.  This idea is the one I feel strongest about if that means anything.
  • Cheer for the punter, Will Mahen.  Punters are incredibly lame and they probably know this, therefore they may need a self-esteem boost. 

If you have anymore ideas post them in the comments!  I’ll be back tomorrow with a preview of the game and players to watch.  Thanks for reading!


Note:  I didn’t attend practice today because it was only an hour long and mainly just special teams stuff.  If you’re looking for a practice report check out Condotta’s blog.


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Huskies Practice Report – 4/15/2010

We passed the halfway point of spring practice today.  It was the Dawgs’ eighth practice of the year and they have fifteen total (including the spring game).  Today the team was in shorts, shoulder pads, and helmets; apparently taking it easy before the usual Saturday scrimmage.  It was an absolutely beautiful day in Seattle today and I might have come away with a sunburn, which is just fine by me.  Before heading down to the stadium I bought some iced tea and two Choco Tacos (Choco Tacos are the most under-rated snack/dessert of all time.  Seriously, I could eat 5 without any problem.  They are perfect for a warm day like this was.  Choco Tacos are one of those small things that you have to cherish.  Like the movie Zombieland has taught us, it’s the little things in life that make it grand and Choco Tacos are the grandest of the little things.  Go buy one.).  It felt like Summer and it was glorious.

There were no new injuries today.  Jordan Polk is still struggling with a hamstring injury and he played sparingly.  Cody Bruns and D’Andre Goodwin are also out so the depth at receiver isn’t very strong right now.

During drills today I tried to watch the offensive and defensive line more so that I’d have something different to report.  I don’t know a ton about the lines but I came away with a few observations.

  • Senio Kelemente is going to be really good.  He could become a pretty good NFL prospect by this time next year.  It’s clear he’s the best on the line for a number of reasons but when he does get beat by a defensive lineman (this hardly happens) the defensive players celebrate a little bit more.  Talia beat him once in a one-on-one drill today and then they went up against each other the very next play.  Talia got knocked down twice and never did get to the target.  Don’t mess with Senio!
  • Skyler Fancher still appears a step slow and rusty.  He is coming off an injury so I imagine that he’s still getting going but if he looks like this in the Fall I’m not sure how much he’ll play with the return of Cody Habben and incoming freshman.
  • Mykena Ikehara is pretty impressive.  He still looks a little small but he also looks like UW’s second best offensive lineman.  He can play either guard or center, right now they have him at center.
  • De’Shon Matthews was impressive today.  He beat Fancher around the edge 3 different times.  I’ve said this before but I don’t know why he was playing defensive tackle before.  I know there wasn’t much depth when Ty moved him but if he had stuck at DE I get the feeling that he really could have been something special.
  • Talia Critchon is still a little small but his speed is impressive.  If he puts a little more weight on I think he could be pretty successful next year.
  • After watching closer today, I’m a little more worried about Cameron Elisara’s speed at DE.  I don’t know if he can beat people around the edge but time will tell.

As for the rest of the team, it was the usual suspects who put up good performances.  Both of the freshman running backs put up some really solid, long runs.  It is worth coming out to a practice just to watch these two.  They will make you excited about the future of Husky football. 

The defense had it’s way most of the day.  I don’t recall a touchdown today in the team session.  The linebackers and secondary continue to impress.  If anyones trying to lock up their starting job by fall camp it’s Nate Fellner.  He continues to make good plays and more importantly doesn’t make any bad ones.  Will Shamburger also made some really good hits from the safety position today.  All of a sudden depth at safety looks to be a really strong point for this Husky team. 

Just a few more thoughts after the jump. Continue reading

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Huskies Practice Report – 4/8/2010

Practice was moved in doors today because of the weird hail storms taking place.  Practice indoors is a kind of nice change, at least for the fans.   It’s a lot warmer in there but there isn’t as much space.  The coaches still make it work pretty well with the limited space.

Practice was interesting today.  Along with being inside, there were a ton of important people there.  We had our first Joe Montana sighting of the spring.  I admit, I was a little star struck when I ended up standing within a few feet of him and his wife.  Every time he walked by, I could hear the people around me start to whisper about him.  He wasn’t treated any differently than a normal fan, standing behind the rope and watching.  Along with Joe Montana I saw Dick Baird, Mark Emmert and Scott Woodward.  There seemed to be quite a few alumni there as well.  It didn’t stop with the celebrities though, there were about 15 recruits there.  I couldn’t place them all but most of them were from this years class. 

Zach Banner (2012 mega recruit) was there again and I overheard him say that his top 3 are UW, Oregon, and USC.  He took an unnoficial visit to Eugene last week and was really impressed with their campus and facilities.  He also raved about UW’s coaches, specifically Sark and the strength coach.  I heard all of this while he was talking to a couple of friends.  Banner 6-7, 295 lbs. and he’s only a sophomore in high school.  He will be one of the highest rated offensive line recruits in the county in a couple of years.

With all of these things going on it was a little bit hard to concentrate in practice.  Like Tuesdays practice, a lot of today was focused on 11 on 11 drills. 

The backup quarterbacks continue to grow every practice.  Nick Montana was the better of the backups on Tuesday but I think Price was better today.  In a two-minute 7-on-7 drill Price was very effective and completed all but one or two of his passes.  After watching a little closer this week, it might not be Price’s arm that hurts him, it might be his footwork.  He kind of bounces from right to left at times instead of looking fluid in his steps.  It’s obvious that he’s eager to learn and works hard.  Him and Montana ask a lot of questions to Jake and Nuss which is great to see.

The running game got going a little bit today.  It looked way more impressive than it did on Tuesday.  Fogerson was impressive today, he ran over some guys.  Callier had a nice run that he bounced outside for about 30 yards.  Cooper had the run of the day though.  The line opened up a huge hole for him and once he got into the secondary he showed off his speed.  Cooper took it into the end zone for about a 60 yard touchdown. 

Senio Kelememte is going to be great at tackle.  I think he’ll be the offensive lineman the Huskies have.  He’s really quick as a tackle and has pretty good size.  Moving him to tackle was definitely the right move by the coaching staff. 

Cameron Elisara continues to get a lot of reps at defensive end.  He looks pretty good there.  I worry a little bit about him having enough speed for that position.  Everyone knows he’s extremely strong but whether he has enough speed off the end has yet to be seen.

After watching these practices it seems that the Huskies will use a nickel defense a lot more this year (defense with 3 cornerbacks and 2 linebackers).  They hardly ever went to it with last year but I see it a lot in practice and it makes sense.  I never thought I’d say this but the Huskies best position may be cornerback (besides wide receiver).  They have 5 guys back there who I would feel fairly comfortable with starting in the secondary. 

Clarence Trent has given up football.  He was never really a factor in his 4 practices with the team but it was nice to have an extra body out there.  I hope he has an excellent basketball career.

Demetrius Bronson looked pretty good while playing some at fullback today.  I’d read that he’s up to 230 lbs. and I saw him throw some impressive blocks today.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they moved him to fullback permanently.  This will be an interesting story to watch through the rest of spring.

The Huskies are having a scrimmage on Saturday at noon.  It sounds like they’ll treat it as a real game and it should be fun to see who the coaches have in starting and such.  I’m really looking forward to seeing these guys in a game situation.  A few of the Good Guys should be there so leave a comment or something if you plan on going and we can talk sports with you! Or you could find Joe Montana and talk with him instead but I’m sure we’re much more exciting….

Thanks for reading!


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Huskies Position Overviews – Offensive Line

I realized I needed to step up the pace on these if I was going to get all the positions done by the first practice next Tuesday.  The offensive line is a little harder to gage on what these players need to improve for a variety of reasons.  One of them being that these guys aren’t talked about near as much.  Secondly, I don’t know as much about the offensive line as I do the skill positions.  Because of this, my format on this position will be a little different. 

Expected starters:

  • Tackles: Cody Habben, Drew Shaeffer
  • Guards: Ryan Tolar, Senio Kelemente
  • Center: Mykena Ikehara

This is close to the lineup that had that dominating performance against Cal in the season finale.  Cody Habben is a senior who has been a steady player for the Dawgs.  He will be out of spring practice with an injury but should have no problem getting back in time for Fall camp.  Although no position is safe, Habben has his spot pretty much wrapped up.  Drew Shaeffer is a red-shirt sophomore who started the last half of the year at tackle.  He is also solid and comes into the spring as a favorite for the position.  Ryan Tolar, a senior, has played just about everywhere for the Huskies.  Last year he was at center and did a commendable job.  A move to guard will help him become a high level pac-10 offensive lineman.  Jr. Senio Kelemente and RS So. Mykena Ikehara have the most potential out of this group.  Senio started his career at UW on defense and then was moved to offense last year.  Coaches have talked about moving him to tackle but for now he’s a guard and a good one at that.  Mykena Ikehara could have been the starter last year but he became very sick in Fall camp and lost a good deal of weight.  Ikehara played the last couple games and did very well.  He will be a very good center for UW in the coming years.

Backups to watch out for:

  • Tackles: Skyler Fancher, Mark Armelin
  • Guards: Greg Christine, Nick Wood, Scott Shugert

Skyler Fancher, a junior, was in competition for a starting job last year but then broke his leg in camp.  He is a solid player who will challenge Habben and Shaeffer for playing time.  Hopefully his recovery from the leg injury is complete.  Greg Christine, a senior, was a walk-on last year that won the starting job out of camp.  He struggled at times on the line and then broke his leg in a game.  The coaches like the guy and he has shown that he can play on this level.  Jr Nick Wood is another guy who was moved over from the defensive side of the ball.  He adapted quickly and played quite  bit by the end of the year.  He was very solid in the Huskies win against Cal and could challenge for a starting job.  Mark Armelin and Scott Shugert round out depth and, unless something bad happens or they have a spectacular spring, probably won’t see the field. 

Overall Position Overview:  The Huskies will have more depth here than they have had in years.  With 7 freshman coming in the Fall, the Huskies have finally begun to realize how important depth on offensive line is.  Unfortunately, those guys won’t be here until the fall but the starters we have, along with a few solid backups, make me believe that this group will be solid by the time September rolls around.  They improved throughout last year and there’s no reason to think that the improvement will stop this spring.


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