5/1 Game Recap — Texas 6, M’s 3

Well, that was depressing.  A classic everything went wrong, nothing went right game, I don’t think it would have been so discouraging if not for last night.  As it is, that missed squeeze last night now has the danger of feeling like a turning point for the season, and not the good kind of turning point. 

Today, Felix was as bad as we’re likely to see him all year, the offense was bad and everything they did hit hard was right at someone, and the defense had some mistakes and more importantly didn’t make many of the huge plays we’ve come to expect from them.  That’s not going to happen often.  The offense will get better at some point, but I’m increasingly sure that it’s not going to be good enough to win the division without any roster changes.  If Bradley, Figgins, and Lopez hit to their averages, and they add another bat in left or DH, losing the current designated non-hitters, that’s a solid offense.  Without an addition, that’s at least 3 spots in the line-up where it’s an upset every time there’s a hit, and that’s not going to cut it. 

There’s not much else to say, so I won’t say much else.  Again, this team isn’t as bad as these last two nights, but right now it’s certainly not the best team in a currently weak division.  We’ll hope our ace Doug Fister can salvage the series tomorrow.

Hero: Uh, Jesus Colome?  A couple of solid innings of relief when they needed them badly.

Goat: No one stood out, which is good and bad, because it means the whole team played badly.  Bradley had the ball he missed for whatever reason, but he also had some nice at-bats.  Franklin had a terrible at-bat again in the ninth.  I’ll give it to him, although it’s not totally justified.



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