I Need to Vent

Last night had set up so well. I was going to the Husky Spring Game, which we will write about later, then, I was excited to come home and watch Cliff Lee dazzle the Rangers in his Mariners debut. Needless to say, my expectations were high for the evening. The Husky game did not disappoint, though it took 2 hours to drive from Maple Valley to Montlake even with the 520 carpool lane! And Cliff Lee didn’t disappoint either. But the Mariners offense did. Don Wakamatsu did. Eric Byrnes and Mike Sweeney did as well. And now for the venting…

This offense ticks me off. Not scoring runs ticks me off. 9 home runs in 23 games ticks me off. Our lineup, bench, and designated hitters really tick me off. Having an 0-5 record when the game is tied in the 9th inning really, really, grinds my gears. Call it bad luck, but that does nothing to help my frustration. Apparently this stuff balances out over a 162 game season, but in a division of 4 teams, where the separation from first to last is a half game, garbage like last night can’t happen.

Having back to back innings where the bases are loaded with 1 out, then coming away with no runs both times is absurd. Pinch hitting double play machine Mike Sweeney was painful to watch. Also painful was seeing Eric Byrnes whiff on a bunt attempt. But that’s okay because Wakamatsu says Byrnes is “the ultimate competitor.” Maybe he is, but he’s also the ultimate spaz, the ultimate infield pop up artist, and the ultimate swinging strike king. He and Sweeney should not be on this team. And back to Wakamatsu, who normally is a pretty likable manager. I’m not that dumb fan who wishes their manager would be fired after a couple questionable moves, but his lineup selection is horrible. How can you possibly justify having Lopez as the clean up hitter?!

I’m not irrational and I realize there is plenty of time, no one is running away with the division, and the bats are bound to heat up. But there is something about the nature of our losses…walk-off hits, pitching gems wasted, and of course last night where any ball past the infield would have won the game twice, that just makes my head want to explode. I’m sure the plan is to stay within a couple games of the division leader in July, make a move for a bat, get Bedard back, and start the playoff run. But until then, I will expect games like last night to be commonplace, especially as long as Sweeney and Byrnes are on this team, and Wakamatsu’s infatuation with Lopez in the 4 hole continues.

And what the heck is with sending Kelley down to Tacoma? He is one of our best relievers. Weird.

I am about one more painful loss away from taking a week off from this team. That loss may very well come today, because it looks like Texas just scored 3 in the second. 2 of those runs came off a bloop pop fly that Bradley just gave up on. As Ryan Divish says, “Milton Bradley does things in a way where people can’t help but dislike him.” Those 3 runs should be plenty enough for the win against our offense, which again just hit into a double play with bases loaded and 1 out. Thanks to Rob for that one. That would be 2 losses in 17 hours, coming against Lee and Felix.

(This is just one Good Guy’s opinion. I’m sure the others disagree on parts of this)




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6 responses to “I Need to Vent

  1. Joe Loughery

    Let it all out hoss, you’re among friends. 🙂

  2. I will defend Milton Bradley to no end but he simply lost that ball in the sky. The announcers were wrong and no ones going to mention that Guti didn’t move on a ball earlier in the inning because the exact same thing happened to him. No one’s going to mention that because Guti isn’t controversial. Much like no one mentioning his terrible strike out last night after failing to get a bunt down. (Joe and seattlesportsinsider.com did mention it, but a few other websites chose to forget about this. I do love Guti just to clarify.)

  3. dpscansen

    Either way, he needs to not lose that ball in the sun. It happens, but Ichiro had the same thing occur on Wednesday at K.C. and so an odd trend is developing. I like Milton and his fire, and usually he does things in a way where I can’t help but like him, instead of the other way around. Guti has had some awful strikeouts lately.

  4. Sorry, but that odd trend that’s developing has happened since baseball began. It’s just bad luck that it’s happened twice in a week. They could go a month without it happening and no one would think anything of it.

  5. dpscansen

    Call it bad luck, I call it bad fielding. It should be an error if you lose the ball in the sun. Speaking of errors, Michael Young has 3 so far in this game. Haha.

  6. I don’t disagree there, it should be an error. I’m just saying it happens to every team in baseball and it’s not just this one.

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