Thoughts on Pac-10 Media Day

If you hadn’t heard, Pac-10 Media Day was yesterday which means the release of the media poll.  This is how the media picked (via Bob Condotta’s blog):

1, Oregon (15), 314
2, USC (12), 311
3, Oregon State (3), 262
4, Stanford (1), 233
5, Arizona (2), 222
6, Washington (1), 209
7, Cal, 175
8, UCLA (1), 134
9, Arizona State 81
10, Washington State 39

This is pretty close to what I expected.  Of course, these things don’t matter at all but it does mean that football season is getting a little bit closer.  In recent weeks I had talked myself into thinking that UW could win the Pac-10.  For reasons that I’ll save for another day, I still think they can but this poll gives me a little dose of reality.  Most of these writers know more about these teams than I do and they are more likely to pick it correctly than I am.  I’m sure the Good Guys will have Pac-10 predictions up as the season draws near so I’ll save mine for them.

Maybe the biggest news of the day, as far as Husky fans are concerned, was the retirement of Alvin Logan.  Logan had a chance at being a starting linebacker on the team but suffered from knee problems that ended his career.  Watching him in the spring, I thought he was perfectly capable of doing a fine job at that spot.  With his retirement the job comes down to two people in my mind: Victor Aiyewa and Josh Shirley.  The coaches may say other players are in the mix but I think those are the ones to watch during camp.  We wish the best of luck to Alvin Logan as his life moves on.

A few more notes after the jump. 

  • I was happy that Mason Foster got to make the trip down for the media day.  He won’t get the spotlight this year that Jake will but I think he’ll be one of the best defensive players in the Pac-10.  I remember watching his high-school highlight film with my friend Derek one day at school and thinking that Ty might have actually done something right.  Tyrone didn’t do us much good but he did bring us Mason Foster and Foster has turned into one of my favorite Huskies.
  • Jermaine Kearse, James Johnson, and Mason Foster have each talked about Greg Ducre.  Ducre is a freshman cornerback who is apparently turning heads during summer workouts.  The Dawgs are pretty deep at corner this year (wow, that’s weird to say) so it will be interesting to see if Ducre will crack the rotation.  At this point, I’m thinking yes but we haven’t started training camp yet so I’m jumping the gun a little bit.
  • Lane Kiffen and Rick Neuheisal are annoying.  I hope they make fun of each other, get in a big fist fight and then get banned by the NCAA.
  • Paul Wulff is unbelievable.  I don’t mean that in the, “Oh wow, Paul Wulff is amazing” way, I mean it in the, “I don’t believe a word that guy’s saying” way.  I hope he believes what he’s saying, but I usually get the feeling that he doesn’t.  He does crack me up though.  I crack up when I listen to him, look at him, or watch his football team.  Sorry, that was a little low.
  • Camp Starts in a week and a half!



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One response to “Thoughts on Pac-10 Media Day

  1. Joe Loughery

    Andrew, I agree on Kiffin. Guy rubs me really wrong. He is just gross.

    I love Mason Foster. Guy is a baller, plays hard all the time, I love him.

    Regarding the media poll, I think they got it right. Oregon will be really good, despite losing Masoli . USC has a really really good defense. Beavers will be there in the end (Civil War at OSU this year!!). Huskies are middle of the pack. Could be great, could be bad, who knows really!

    So stoked for football!! The Mariners are KILLING ME!!!!

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