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A Few More Thoughts After Rewatching the Husky Game

Well, it took me 2 days but I finally made it through all of the USC game.  I can only wonder how many times I would watch it if it wasn’t a busy week.   Anyway, I came away with a few more thoughts that I’ll share before putting this game to rest and moving on to this week’s opponent,  Arizona State.

  • Let’s start with the worst part of the game, the rushing defense.  There’s no denying that they were terrible.  After watching it again, it was very clear that the problems weren’t because of a lack of schemes.  They tried just about everything.  They put at least 8 guys in the box every time.  I counted 10 guys in the box for several plays.  10 guys!  They also tried a 3-4 several times to be a little more athletic.  The problem was with what was happening on the field.  The defensive line was terrible.  Ta’amu played a decent game, but the rest of the defensive line was awful.  There were guys getting pushed back 5-10 yards every play.  Then, the linebackers seemed a bit timid.  They didn’t attack the runner for most of the game, they let the runner come to them.  By the time the runner got there, those linebackers were blocked.  I understand that they can’t completely sell out against the run because they have to watch for play-action, but their reaction time does need to be quicker.  Last but not least, the tackling was terrible.  It was just as bad as it was against Nebraska, if not worse.  I was on a mission to count the missed tackles but I lost track.  I lost track at the end of the first quarter.
  • One more negative thought on the defense before we move to brighter spots.   I think several players had the worst game of their career on Saturday.  Nate Fellner had one great pass break-up, but the rest of the game he struggled.  He was sucked into the wrong position and missed quite a few tackles.  Quinton Richardson missed an easy sack on Barkley because he forgot he had arms on the play.  He was taken out after that, I’ll be interested to see if he plays as much the rest of this season.  Where is Adam Long?  Cort Dennison looked a little rusty and slow after missing the Nebraska game.  Those players, along with the defensive line, were beaten up pretty well on Saturday.  Thank goodness we have Mason Foster.
  • With all that, give credit to the defense for not allowing a touchdown in the 4th quarter.  They buckled down and made some stops.  There’s no doubt they need to get better, but they made some plays that kept the Huskies in the game.

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Huskies Post Game: Syracuse

The Huskies got their first win of the year last night at Husky Stadium against Syracuse, 41-20. The Dawgs’ struggled early on; there wasn’t any offensive rhythm and special team’s mistakes led to an early 10-0 lead for the Orange.  But, then the Huskies found it.  They played like the team we had planned on seeing this year.  They outscored Syracuse 41-10 through the rest of the game and it wasn’t much of a contest after the first couple plays in the second half.

Jermaine Kearse had a monster day (9 receptions for 179 yards), as the offense used big plays to dominate.  The defense was solid too.  They gave up two or three big plays but the two touchdowns Syracuse scored were because of a special teams penalty and a turnover.

I’ll review this one by taking a look at each position.  I haven’t been able to find a replay anywhere yet, FSN decided to show a replay of Wyoming and Texas instead, so I won’t be as thorough as I’d like to be but these were my first impressions from being there.  Continue reading

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Glaring Numbers–Game 1

O: Husky points in the 2nd half

-39: Will Mahan’s rushing yards total

131: The passing yards total by both Jake Heaps and Riley Nelson. Neither were exceptional, but both QB’s were effective for different reasons, and the combination kept UW on it’s heels.

25:53: Time of Posession for UW. In comparison, BYU had the ball for 34:07. That’s half a quarter more, and in a tight game, those 8+ minutes are valuable.

14: The average yard line UW began it’s drive on. On 11 drives, the yard line UW started on was their own…27, 2, 20, 12, 1, 20, 7, 16, 14, 20, 25.
Conversely, BYU’s 12 drives began on…22, 21, 30, UW 47, 29, 43, 31, UW 48, 20, 23, 20, 27.

So that’s 6 drives Washington started inside it’s 20. Field position is an underrated aspect of a game, and probably the biggest culprit for Washington never finding it’s offensive rhythm was it’s horrible starting position. The playbook is very restricted inside your own 10.

36: Combined tackles by Mason Foster (14), Nate Williams (12), and Victor Aiyewa (10). Good performance by those 3 guys.

13: Consecutive road losses. The last road win came at Stanford on 11/3/07. If the Huskies do not win at USC or at Arizona, the road skid will hit 15 games, spanning 3+ years. Ouch.

2: Rating on my 1-10 “Memorable Game Scale.” This game was not very exciting, and like many 1st games, it was just weird. There was no rhythm from the Huskies offense (thanks to horrible field position), and there were a ton of 1st game mistakes. A lot of the special teams miscues we saw Saturday probably won’t happen again all year. I also wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up being the only game that the Huskies don’t score a point in the 2nd half. 2 years from now, I won’t remember much from this game.


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Huskies Post-Game

Well, I guess it’s time one of us do this.  We’ve had over 24 hours to digest a disappointing loss and now I am a little more rational than I was a night ago.

Let me start off by saying that this wasn’t the team we planned on seeing.  This wasn’t the team that had taken a step above last year’s.  Sure, there were some aspects of the team that improved (more on that later) but as a whole this wasn’t the team we expected to see.  This was the Husky team that lost to Arizona State and UCLA on the road last year.  That team wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t good either.  We saw moments where the Huskies looked like a team that was about to take it to the next level but those moments didn’t last.  Will the Huskies become that team?  There is no reason to give up hope on that after the first game.

The game started off the way it was supposed to.  The Dawgs were clearly the better team.  They were faster.  They had more weapons.  They looked like they wanted it more.  Then everything bounced BYU’s way.  A couple of stupid penalties led to a field position switch and the good bounces for BYU became evident with every punt.  Seriously, think about the game (assuming you watched it) and try to remember a bounce that went the Huskies way.  It was unbelievable.

With that being said, you have to put yourself in position to get good bounces and credit BYU for doing that.  The Cougars were better than any of the good guys thought and will go on to win 9 or 10 games this season.  They were a very physical football team and extremely well coached.

Also, the Huskies did put themselves in a position to win the game.  The defense made stops to get the offense the ball.  The offense drove far enough to give us hope.  Who knows?  If the last pass of the game wasn’t tipped we could be talking about a comeback win that will start a season of magic.  Instead, we’re stuck thinking, “Here we go again.”

It’s not all doom and gloom though.  We’ll take a look at that after the jump.

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Good Guys’ 2010-11 NCAA FB Predictions

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UW Huskies Defensive Preview

In 2009, the Husky defense was frustratingly inconsistent.  Daniel Te’o-Nesheim and Donald Butler, possibly its two best players, both graduated, but there is a lot of hope the defense will be greatly improved in 2010.  This is due partly to a dominating end to last season, holding WSU and Cal to 10 points in the final two games, but it’s also based on the potential maturation of a young group.

Defensive End


Everette Thompson:  Thompson sounds like he’s recovered from an offseason achilles injury just in time, and stands to be one of the most important pieces of the defense.  A highly touted recruit, he’s spent time at tackle as well.  He’s bigger than most Husky D ends in recent memory, which will hopefully aid in the run defense.  It’s even more vital that he contribute in replacing some of Te’o-Nesheim’s record-number sacks.

Talia Crichton:  A true sophomore, Crichton played more than anyone likely anticipated last year, with decent results.  Hard to say what to expect from him, but coaches have been impressed with his improvement this fall.  He seems to be more of a pass rusher, which this defense desperately needs.

Depth: Kalani Aldrich, De’shon Matthews, Hau’oli Jamora, Josh Shirley.  Aldrich is trying to recover from knee surgery, but has decent potential if he can get back all the way.  He’d have contended for a starting spot if not for the injury.  Matthews is a former big time recruit who’s never really made an impact.  He has one last shot and is in position for a lot of minutes as the number one back-up.  Jamora and Shirley are true freshman.  Jamora is in the two-deeps and will play.  Shirley is more heralded, but joined the team late and seems to be having a tough transition to end from high school linebacker.  He’s likely to redshirt, but if he progresses and they’re needing a speed rusher, who knows.

Analysis:  This is one of the toughest positions on the team to call.  There’s potential, to be sure, but the only one who inspires real confidence is Thompson, and he’s coming off major surgery.  This group has to get pressure on the quarterback this year.  Hopefully they’ll be aided in that by an improved interior of the line.

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Countdown to Camp: My Favorite Husky

We are only a week away from fall camp starting for the Huskies.  This is the most anticipated year of Husky football since the early  2000’s and the excitement will only grow as the season gets closer.  Because the Mariners are tough to watch, read, and write about it, I’m going to go into a countdown here on the blog and have a new topic each day.  John Berkowitz over at UW Dawg Pound covered some of these topics in a series he did a couple of weeks ago.  Go check his blog out, he does a great job. 

Today the topic, or question, is who is your favorite Husky of all time?  Post your answer and thoughts in the comments section.

Growing up a little later than the rest of the Good Guys, I missed out on the ‘golden years’ of Husky football.  Of course, they might have been a little young to remember the National Championship in ’91 but they caught way more of the winning season streak than I did.  With that being said, it wouldn’t surprise me if we all had the same favorite Husky, Marques Tuiasosopo. 

I was always a Husky fan growing up but Tui solidified a lifetime of fandom.  Tui made it cool for me to say, “Let’s run the option” in backyard football games with my friends.  I still do that.  Tui led the Huskies to an unforgettable season and Rose Bowl victory in 2000-2001.  Every game seemed to come down to the wire and it was Marques bringing us the victory.  First, it was Miami, then Oregon State, then Stanford.  The dramatic victories kept coming.  He also killed the Cougars 51-3 in his final Apple Cup.

I had a basketball game the day that Tui had his signature performance, a 300 yard passing, 200 yard rushing game.  I’m still upset about that. 

Tui was tough, a leader, and was poised.  He was everything you could want in a college quarterback.  Now, he’s back working as an assistant trainer at the U and it’s common to see him catching passes from the quarterbacks during drills.  I imagine he’ll move on to coach somewhere soon but maybe he’ll get to see Jake Locker deliver a season like he had first. 

Honorable Mention:

Reggie Williams- He’s had problems since he left but from his very first home game he amazed me.  He’s one of the best receivers I’ve seen live.

Corey Dillon-  The first Husky game I really remember being at was the game where Dillon went off on San Jose State in the first quarter.  I remember it pouring rain and him running, that’s about it.

Sonny Sixkiller- Before my time, but Sonny has always been one of my dad’s favorite Huskies and that has rubbed off on me the more I learn about Sixkiller.

Juan Garcia- He was from my hometown and was a true Husky.  He played through 6 of the worst years of Husky football ever, but he played hard.  He surpassed the NFL to stay for a 6th season and ended up getting hurt in the spring which kept him from getting close to his potential.  He played through the injury and gave his team all he could in an age where the rest of the team and coaching staff didn’t seem to care a whole lot.  He was never a star but he was a real Husky.

Jake Locker/Mason Foster- Their stories aren’t finished yet but they’ve made their way up my list.

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Thoughts on Pac-10 Media Day

If you hadn’t heard, Pac-10 Media Day was yesterday which means the release of the media poll.  This is how the media picked (via Bob Condotta’s blog):

1, Oregon (15), 314
2, USC (12), 311
3, Oregon State (3), 262
4, Stanford (1), 233
5, Arizona (2), 222
6, Washington (1), 209
7, Cal, 175
8, UCLA (1), 134
9, Arizona State 81
10, Washington State 39

This is pretty close to what I expected.  Of course, these things don’t matter at all but it does mean that football season is getting a little bit closer.  In recent weeks I had talked myself into thinking that UW could win the Pac-10.  For reasons that I’ll save for another day, I still think they can but this poll gives me a little dose of reality.  Most of these writers know more about these teams than I do and they are more likely to pick it correctly than I am.  I’m sure the Good Guys will have Pac-10 predictions up as the season draws near so I’ll save mine for them.

Maybe the biggest news of the day, as far as Husky fans are concerned, was the retirement of Alvin Logan.  Logan had a chance at being a starting linebacker on the team but suffered from knee problems that ended his career.  Watching him in the spring, I thought he was perfectly capable of doing a fine job at that spot.  With his retirement the job comes down to two people in my mind: Victor Aiyewa and Josh Shirley.  The coaches may say other players are in the mix but I think those are the ones to watch during camp.  We wish the best of luck to Alvin Logan as his life moves on.

A few more notes after the jump.  Continue reading

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