Husky Prediction: Week 2

So, all 4 of the good guys’ started 0-1 on the Huskies.  Now as Husky nation is in a state of panic, the Dawgs looks to get back on the winning side against Syracuse.  Frankly, I’m not sure why everyone is in a state of panic.  If you didn’t think this was a possibility before the season started than you didn’t know a ton about the Huskies or BYU.  Let’s move on and hope that this week is better!  On to the predictions:

I have no idea how this game is going to play out. I’d love to see the Huskies completely dominate for 60 minutes, but I have my doubts about that. I think Syracuse can put up a fight, and I’m still a little skeptical of the Huskies. Even so, there are too many factors in the Dawgs’ favor, namely an apparent big advantage in talent. The Huskies offensive playmakers should be the difference if the game ends up close. There’s a lot of talk around Syracuse about the improvement of the program under second year coach Doug Marrone. That might be the case, but I think 9:00 tomorrow night will find Syracuse in a similar position as UW was in after the BYU game: on the way back, but not quite as far along as they might have thought. Huskies get out to a big lead before Syracuse narrows the gap slightly late, but a comfortable win for UW.

UW 41- Syracuse 27

Let me start off by saying that Syracuse is better than most Husky fans think.  They aren’t even close to the same team that Jake Locker beat in his debut.  They also aren’t as good as some of the Syracuse fans seem to think.  Some of the comments coming from their players after beating Akron have made me laugh this week.  I expect a comfortable win but not a complete blow out.  I think the Orange compare to Arizona State last year as far as talent and how far along their program is.  Being at home will help the Dawgs win this one.  They also won’t be over-matched on the lines like they were at times last week.  Jake has a great game and Kearse redeems himself for the dropped passes last week.  The defensive line shows some improvement and the Huskies get their first win of the 2010 season.

UW 38 – Syracuse 20

Landing between BYU and Nebraska, this matchup would normally scream trap game. However, Washington is not at a point where it can possibly assume victories, and I doubt anyone is overlooking Syracuse, a formidable BCS conference opponent. There are reasons for concern from what we witnessed in Provo, and everything I hear is how undervalued Syracuse is, and if the Orange can stay close and somehow pull out a victory, this season could unravel rapidly. But home field ought to prevail in this one and I look for the Huskies to get off to a quick start, and never look back.

UW 27-17

We’ll get Joe’s prediction up here soon but here’s this for now!  Go Dawgs!



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  1. Matthew

    Not bad! Andrew missed by a field goal, and I was off by a touchdown.

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