The Overload

It finally happened.  For 8 months I had written through the few good times and the numerous down times for my sports teams.  I had held on to glimmers of hope and was a loyal fan.  But, this weekend I suffered Sports Overload.

On Friday, Felix pitched one of the best games of his career.  I had planned on going to the game with some friends, but it didn’t work out so I went to dinner with my family instead.  I almost missed Felix’s no-hitter.  I make a point of not trying to miss a Felix start, but the one I did he almost threw a no-hitter.  Of course, I was happy for the King.  He’s my favorite player in baseball and I’m happy to see him do well.  But, I should have known that missing this start would be a bad omen for the rest of the weekend.

We know what happened Saturday and Sunday.  The Huskies and Seahawks each laid an egg, the Huskies more so than the Seahawks.  There isn’t much point in retelling these games.  Dan and Joe did a good job already and I don’t have a lot to add.  I was disappointed, maybe as disappointed as I’d ever been for a Husky game and that’s saying a lot.  For the record, I still see the Huskies making it to a bowl and that game did not define Locker’s career.  But dang, that second half was hard to watch.

That was the final straw, really.  After that and my college fantasy team laying an embarrassing 51 points that day, I took the rest of the night off from sports.  I went to a concert and had the best night I’d had in quite some time.  I casually followed the Seahawks the next day but I couldn’t get into it.  My vacation from sports was still on through Sunday and it decided to make it a long weekend and last through Monday and Tuesday, too.

Five months of watching terrible baseball combined with a terrible weekend of football did me in.  Today, I started following the Tacoma Rainiers championship game online.  When I turned on the gameday feed I saw Tacoma was down 12-3 so, I turned it off and played guitar.  The vacation continues for at least another day.

So, forgive me for not taking a look around the Pac-10 this week.  I’m sorry for not writing my thoughts on the Husky game or on what the next step is.  I’ll get around to that later but I’m not ready to dive in quite yet.  The Mariners will get a little more interesting tomorrow when they call up more players from Tacoma.  The Seahawks play at home this weekend so they have a much better chance.  And the Huskies play again and I can’t help but write about them, as you’ve probably noticed.  Things will get better, but for now I’ve caught Sports Overload and the syndrome is sticking around for another day or two.

I did see Ichiro went 4-4 tonight, that makes me smile.  Shame on you for ever thinking he might not get to 200 hits this season.

Thanks for reading a piece that tells you nothing informative!



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