Scouting Oregon State – Offense

Saturday is fast approaching (too fast for the Huskies with the illness and injuries lingering) so that means it’s time to take a look at the Beavers of Oregon State.  Here we go!


Ryan Katz had the impossible job of filling Sean Canfield’s shoes this year.  He was adequate in the Beavers first couple games, but nothing more.  But, he may be breaking out now.  Last week, against what may be the best defense in the Pac-10, Katz threw for 393 yards.  He has a very strong and accurate arm.  He’s only thrown one interception on the season and is somewhat  mobile in the backfield.  It’s still his first year starting, so we can’t be sure that he’ll be consistent but Katz is looking like a really solid quarterback.

Running Back

The Beavs have one of the best running backs in the country, Jacquizz Rodgers.  He’s a small, shifty, and very quick back.  He’s ran for over 1,000 yards each of the last 2 seasons and is on pace to do it again.  He hasn’t put up huge numbers yet, but he has faced a tougher task than any running back in the nation.  It seems like he’s ready for a huge game any given week.  Let’s hope it’s not this one.  Oregon State doesn’t use many other backs besides Rodgers.  They do use receivers in the fly sweep though.  With James Rodgers out, Markus Wheaton will probably take over that role.

Wide Receivers

OSU took a big hit last week when James Rodgers went down for the season.  It’s a tough break for a great player.  With that being said, Oregon State does have a good, deep receiving core.  Jordan Bishop and Markus Wheaton are now the Beavers’ leading receivers.  Bishop is tall, 6-3, and the teams deep threat.  Wheaton has emerged over the last couple weeks, he had 7 catches against Arizona.  Oregon State also has one of the best tight ends in the league, Joe Halahuni.  He is a big threat when they get into the red zone.

Offensive Line

This has been the biggest weakness of the Beavers offense so far.  This unit might be the biggest reason why Jacquizz hasn’t gone off yet.  The offensive line only lost one player from last year, so there is plenty of experience up front.  The Beavs’ also started 4 former walk-ons on the offensive line in their season opener.  That’s a testament to great player development by Mike Reilly.  The offensive line isn’t bad, they just haven’t been great thus far.  That could change on Saturday.

The defensive scouting report will be up tomorrow.  Thanks for reading!



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