Pac-10 Outlook: Week 6

I can’t believe how fast this season is going.  It’s sad.  This conference looks better and more confusing every week.  Anyway, on to the recaps.  I didn’t get to watch many of these games but I’ll relay what I know.

Cal 35 – UCLA 7

Cal completely dominated this game from start to finish.  Shane Vereen ran all over the Bruins defense and UCLA had no semblance of an offensive attack.  Cal didn’t have to pass, Kevin Riley had 86 passing yards, because the Bruins had no answer for Vereen.  So, Cal wins a game that it desperately needed.  They are still a mystery but there’s no question that they can play with anyone when they feel like it.  UCLA, on the other hand, looks as if that Texas game may have been false hope in an ugly season.  They had won 3 straight before this game, but it’s hard to know if they’ll win any more this season.  Their offense has disappeared once again and their defense isn’t performing at a high level.  They have to get back on track fast if they want to get to a bowl.  Unfortunately for Bruins fans, they play Oregon next.

Oregon 43 – WSU 23

Well, this was interesting!  The Ducks show a few more kinks in the armor every week.  The Cougs were close to cutting this to a 6 point game late but Tuel threw an interception in the red zone and, much like the week before against UCLA, it was over before WSU knew what happened.  Darren Thomas was hurt in the game but it appears as if he’ll be back for their next game.  The Oregon defense has given up 85 points in the last 3 games.  WSU certainly looks to be improving and has a chance to actually knock someone off soon.  They need to keep getting better each week.  It will be interesting to watch.  They put up a good fight in this game.

OSU 29 – Arizona 27

This was a huge win for the Beavers.  They took an early lead and held on throughout the entire game.  Ryan Katz has gotten better every game and finally had a complete breakout game.  He passed for 393 yards against a good Arizona defense.  Arizona suffered a loss that really hurt their Pac-10 championship chances.  They haven’t looked nearly as good in their last 2 games than they did in their non-conference slate.  Their defense wasn’t quite up to par.  Oregon State did lose James Rodgers for the season which is a huge blow.  He had his best game of the year, prior to his injury.  They have played without him once this year, so it won’t be completely new territory.  Still, he is one of the top receivers in the league and will be missed.

Stanford 37 – USC 35

USC lost on a last second field goal for the second week in a row.  There wasn’t much defense in this game, as you can tell by the final score.  Stanford wasn’t as dominating as we’d seen them, but they got a Pac-10 road win and that’s really what matters in these games.  USC showed that they aren’t going to roll over this season, but they just aren’t at the talent level that we are all used to.  USC receiver, Robert Woods, had a day to remember with 224 receiving yards.  This was a good bounce back win for Stanford and keeps them in the Pac-10 race.

Games this week:

Arizona @ WSU
Cal @ USC

Power rankings after the jump.  1.  Oregon- They don’t seem as dominant as they did a few weeks ago.  We’ll see if the Thomas injury turns into anything bigger.
2.  Oregon State- The only other team that is undefeated in the Pac.  They have 2 solid wins and look like their hitting their stride.  Keep an eye on if James Rodgers hurts them.
3.  Stanford-
They slip below Oregon State but they aren’t far behind them.
4.  Arizona- Their Rose Bowl hopes took a big hit this week.  The Wildcats are a little inconsistent at the moment.
5.  Arizona State- Finally broke through with a win, and looked pretty good doing it.  They have played 3 tough games already and their schedule gets a little bit easier.  If that’s possible in this conference.
6.  Cal- A dominating win.  They still remain a bit of a mystery right now.  But, they definitely took a step in the right direction.
7.  UW- They could be 8 or 9 but, for now, we’ll leave them here.  This team needs to get healthy fast or the season will be over after this weekend.
8.  USC- Two tough losses in a row.  They aren’t who they used to be but they still have talent.  They could jump in these rankings in a hurry.
9.  UCLA- The Bruins got blown out and I just don’t think they’re very good.  We’ll see if I’m wrong.
10.  WSU- Some more improvement.  They could surprise someone soon.


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