The Huskies 5th Starter

Lorenzo Romar and the Husky basketball team officially begin their season this Saturday but there is one big question that hasn’t been answered yet, who will be the Huskies 5th starter?  As of right now, the Huskies have this as their set lineup:

PG: Abdul Gaddy
SG: Isaiah Thomas
F: Justin Holiday

That leaves one guy, obviously.  In the exhibition game last Saturday (that all of the Good Guys attended and will eventually recap) Scott Suggs took the 5th starting spot.  He played pretty well, scoring 11 points and looked impressive with his jumper.  But, I don’t think he won the starting job over.  Also, I don’t think that picking this 5th starter is all that hard.

The 5th starter, in my opinion, should be Darnell Gant.  I wasn’t sold on this idea until watching the game on Saturday.  Here are 3 quick reasons why I think Darnell is the guy.

  • Rebounding. The Huskies were out-rebounded in their exhibition game.  Sure, they weren’t playing as hard as they will in the regular season, but this is still a shock.  Scott Suggs is not a great rebounder.  Gant won’t completely solve the rebounding issue, but he will help.  Rebounding will be an issue for this team and Gant is one solution that has to be looked into.
  • Defensive Matchups. With Scott Suggs in the lineup, Justin Holiday had to guard the 4 guy.  Justin Holiday is not big enough to do that.  Neither is Scott Suggs.  Holiday needs to be on the other teams best small forward or shooting guard, like he has been all year.  Darnell gives the Huskies the matchups they want defensively.
  • Defense > Offense. Scott Suggs is an offensive player.  He may be decent on the other side of the ball but offense is where he excels.  Darnell Gant is a very good defender that isn’t a liability on offense.  They are basically opposites in that area.  The Huskies are not going to have trouble scoring.  They have too many weapons to not score, and that is why I think the 5th starter should be a defender.  Gant, Holiday and Overton are the teams 3 best defenders and I think the Huskies would be wise to have two of them on the floor most of the time.  By putting Gant in the starting lineup they start the game that way.

Of course, none of this goes unless Gant is healthy and at the moment he’s not (groin injury).  But, he’s not supposed to be out long.  I could be way off base here, I just think this is the best way for the Huskies to win.  Frankly, it doesn’t matter a ton, players will get their minutes if they are good enough.

By the way, I do like Scott Suggs quite a bit.  He’s going to be a good player for the Huskies this year.  This is not a slight at him at all.  Either way, I think the Huskies will be a successful team this season.  We’ll have a few previews up soon!

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