Congratulations Ichiro and Guti

Today, after a 2010 season in which nothing went right, 2/3 of the Mariner outfield were rewarded with Gold Gloves.  Ichiro won his 10th straight Gold Glove and Franklin Gutierrez won the 1st of his career.

Much has been made of the Gold Glove award since the development of advanced defensive statistics in baseball (UZR, run prevention).  These sabermetrics have shown that the Gold Glove award is, more or less, bogus.  The leading example of this is Derek Jeter winning the award despite his terrible range (shown by UZR).

With that being said, Franklin and Ichiro deserve these awards.  They both are in the upper echelon of defensive outfielders and have shown that through the course of their careers.  Guti may have deserved the award more last year but when it comes to the Gold Glove award, we aren’t going to be picky.

Both of these guys deserve to be acclaimed and they were today, so congratulations to them.  If the season was a dark room, your defense was a very small lamp that lit up a corner.



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