Huskies Win in L.A.

The UW basketball team got a huge win against USC tonight to open Pac-10 play.  Here’s Percy Allen’s wrap-up of the game.

This win is significant for the Huskies to get the road monkey off their back and show that they can win tough, grind-it-out games.  It wasn’t pretty, but the Huskies won against a good Trojan team and against the refs.

Now, on to the Holiday Bowl!




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2 responses to “Huskies Win in L.A.

  1. Joe Loughery

    Great win. I’m kinda tired of this UW can’t win on the road stuff. This was their 5th straight conference road win, not to mention all three wins in the Pac-10 Tourney last year, not to mention two wins in the NCAA tourney. The road thing is a myth now. I’m not saying you are saying this, but the media just pounds them on it and it really bugs me. It’s over. They can and do win on the road, and they play well on the road.

    This was an especially nice win because of the adversity. 27 fouls against them. They just kept grinding and fighting, and they came out on top. Who says they aren’t tough? 40-26 rebound advantage, on the road verses a bigger, stronger team? Tonight was a gut check win. Now they need to close the deal and beat UCLA.

    • Matthew

      Yeah, I agree with you on the road thing. I think they have that reputation partly because they’ve been so good at home. I would bet they have just as good a road record as any one else in the Pac-10 the last few years, and probably better. It’s just harder to win on the road. Whatever the case, this is the game I would have thought they were most likely to lose, so a win is huge.

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