UW Recruiting Updates

After a quiet few weeks, UW Football recruiting has gone crazy the last two days.  Here’s a quick rundown of the developments:

The biggest news is two new commitments.  One is Marvin Hall from Dorsey HS in California.  I wrote a bit about him in my WR wrap-up, but Hall is a little guy (5’10”) who could end up at either WR or cornerback.  He’s supposedly lightning quick and is likely to make an immediate impact in the return game.  We seem to hear that every year for some player, and the Huskies have had a terrible return unit for years now, so hopefully Hall really is a difference maker there.  Either way, he’s a good guy to have and brings some different skills to the table for this class.

The other new commit was a big surprise.  That’s big in two ways, as Stephen Nembot is 6’8″ and 280 lbs.  He also was previously committed to WSU, and it’s alway fun to steal one from them, especially out of the blue like this.  He could end up on either line, but it sounds like UW coaches have told him they plan to start him at defensive tackle.  He’s a native of Cameroon and should be a fun guy to cheer for.

Other notes after the jump!

  • CB Kameron Jackson, who recently decided to visit other schools after committing to UW long ago, has reaffirmed his Husky commitment.  He is currently the only UW commit at CB if you don’t count Hall, so this was good news.
  • I wrote about Joseph Gray earlier, as he was UW’s only QB commitment for quite a while, but now it doesn’t sound like they even have him.  Reports are that he has changed his commitment to San Jose State.  I don’t know what the reason is.  There’s speculation about grades, that he was encouraged to make this move by UW coaches, whatever.  Most likely, he thought he’d have a better chance of playing at SJSU, and it’s closer to home on top of it.  I don’t know that Gray is a huge loss, but this class needs a quarterback or two pretty badly.  That’s why it’s good news that…
  • Two QB’s are visiting UW this weekend.  Jacoby Brissett is from Florida and is probably the best remaining uncommitted QB out there.  UW seemed a longshot at best to get him, but rumblings are that they have a decent shot at signing him now.  I still wouldn’t bet on it, but it would be great news if they do.  Also visiting is Derrick Brown, a current commit to Utah who is looking around a bit.  I imagine he’ll get an offer if Brissett goes elsewhere, and might get one even if he doesn’t.
  • Also visiting this weekend: Bishop Sankey, another current WSU guy.  It sounds like he’ll choose between the two after this visit.  Everyone thinks he’ll end up at UW, but you never know.  It’d be nice if the weather would clear up a bit with all of these guys in town.  This morning was one of the most miserable I remember in a while.

I think that about covers it for now.  Signing day is less than two weeks away, so expect lots more news.  UW should add another 3-7 commitments, and outside of a couple of people that are likely to sign, there could be some more surprises.  Stay tuned, and go Dawgs!



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  1. Matthew

    Can I also say that this class could have some great names? Bishop Sankey is becoming one of my all time favorites. There’s also Dezden Petty, ASJ, Nembot, and a future linebacking group of Lawyers, Lyons and Waller. Okay, they all sounded cooler in my head, but a Jacoby Brissett would be great at quarterback.

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