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UW Recruiting Updates

After a quiet few weeks, UW Football recruiting has gone crazy the last two days.  Here’s a quick rundown of the developments:

The biggest news is two new commitments.  One is Marvin Hall from Dorsey HS in California.  I wrote a bit about him in my WR wrap-up, but Hall is a little guy (5’10”) who could end up at either WR or cornerback.  He’s supposedly lightning quick and is likely to make an immediate impact in the return game.  We seem to hear that every year for some player, and the Huskies have had a terrible return unit for years now, so hopefully Hall really is a difference maker there.  Either way, he’s a good guy to have and brings some different skills to the table for this class.

The other new commit was a big surprise.  That’s big in two ways, as Stephen Nembot is 6’8″ and 280 lbs.  He also was previously committed to WSU, and it’s alway fun to steal one from them, especially out of the blue like this.  He could end up on either line, but it sounds like UW coaches have told him they plan to start him at defensive tackle.  He’s a native of Cameroon and should be a fun guy to cheer for.

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UW Recruiting- Quarterback & Running Back

National letter of intent day is now about a month away, which is the first time high school football players can officially sign with the school they’ll attend next year.  With Danny Shelton’s commitment last night, the Huskies currently have 20 commitments.  One of them, LB Thomas Tutogi, has already signed papers because he is coming from a junior college and can enter earlier.  It’s expected that UW will take between 25-30 commits this year.  The actual limit is 25 per year, but some will enter school early and count against last year’s class while others will never make it into school at all.

This seems like a good time to look at the current group of commits and assess the class.  The last 5-10 guys will be a combination of big time recruits who are waiting until close to LOI day to commit and lesser known guys who are offered to fill holes in the class.  We’ll break this down by position since I’ve already written one mammoth post this weekend!

First up: the offensive backfield, an area that’s garnered a lot of attention but few commitments this year.  All info taken from Scout.com, my favorite recruiting site.  Check their Dawgman.com  site for Husky specific news. Continue reading

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Hot Links

Read a few things that caught my eye today. 

  • With Jake Locker out, take a look at the possible future with UW QB commit Joseph Gray.  Not a ton of info here, but his team is 8-0 and he’s put up some massive numbers this year.  He was lightly recruited until he committed, but word is that lots of teams were/are starting to take an interest.  Maybe the biggest knock on Gray is lack of size, as he stands only about 6′.
  • I’ve always felt bad for Kevin Riley, who has been a good QB sometimes, and a horrendous one occasionally.  His season and career are now over after an injury last week at OSU, and Ted Miller has a really nice little article.  Best of luck to Riley in the future.  I wish he could have gone out better, like getting beat by the Huskies!
  • If you’re a Mariner fan and don’t already, you should just read Lookout Landing every day.  If you don’t yet, start with this.  It’s kind of hopeful.  I wouldn’t have any problem with the Mariners getting rid of Lincoln and Armstrong, but I fully disagree with anyone who says the Mariners can’t win as long as they’re here.  They might make it harder, but what wins games is talent on the field, not ownership.  If you haven’t noticed, the Mariners need better players.  Speaking of which…
  • Prospect Insider has a post about potential shortstop solutions.  I looked at the shortstops on the Mariners roster recently and proclaimed the situation pretty bleak.  Jason Churchill doesn’t make many predictions, but he brings up a few names I hadn’t thought about.  Jose Reyes, anyone?  Not likely, but what is the offseason for if not a chance to dream?



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