How to Follow (but not stalk) the Good Guys

In recent days, as we kick off our 2nd year, this blog has gotten a bit more attention. Our views are up thanks to some tweets from a few local writers, and for our new audience, we want you to know where to find us. Our goal is to be accessible if you’d like to check us out, so we’ve tried to cover our bases in the social networking world.
The blog offers posts about various Seattle sports topics and opinions. In addition, our twitter feed can be seen on the side panel, as well as other features. This is the center of it all. Feel free to check in occasionally, or you could subscribe and get e-mail updates including new posts.
For quick thoughts and new post updates, follow us on twitter. (search “Good Guys Sports Blog”)
Finally, we have a presence on facebook as well. While on facebook, if you search Good Guys Sports Blog you will find both a Good Guys group page, and a community page. You can join the group and receive occasional updates, participate in a discussion, or post on the wall. The community page is similar, and it is synced with our twitter.

A lot of these outlets are synced to keep it all updated. Whichever you fancy, whether it’s the blog, e-mail, twitter, or facebook, the Good Guys can keep you up to date on the latest Seattle Sports happenings.

Thanks for stopping by.



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