A Look Ahead… Way Ahead

A couple of days ago, Bob Condotta posted the Washington Huskies scholarship players, by class (here’s the link).  To summarize, the Huskies are a team that are primarily made up of underclassmen.  Only 31 of the current 87 players (yes, this is 2 over the scholarship limit but those things will sort themselves out) are juniors and seniors, the rest are sophomores and true/red-shirt freshmen.

Looking at these numbers, I couldn’t help but think that the Huskies may be able to get to the point where they “reload” instead of “rebuild.”  Yes, they have to become a better team overall to get to that point, but there doesn’t appear to be a class that will set them back a long ways, through graduation.

With this in mind, here are my projections of what the depth chart will look like over the next 4 years.  This shows what the Huskies have done in building toward the future, while improving tremendously over the last 2 years.  Yes, there will be recruits who come in over the next couple years who will start 4 years from now, but these are my projections based on who’s on the roster now.  Also, the depth chart for next year is completely subjective, this is just my general feeling of who will start in the coming years.  (Most of these will be 2 deeps, but some will just list starters).

2011: (starters in bold)


QB:  Keith Price (RS SO.)/Nick Montana (RS FR.)/Derrick Brown (Fr.)
RB:  Chris Polk (RS JR.)/Jesse Callier (SO.)/Deontae Cooper (RS FR.)/ Johri Fogerson (SR./RS JR.)
FB:  Zach Fogerson (SO.)/Kimo Makaula (SO.)/Dezden Petty (FR.)
WR: Jermaine Kearse (SR.)/Devin Aguilar (SR.)/James Johnson(JR.)/Kasen Williams (FR.)/Cody Bruns (SR.)/Jordan Polk (SR.)/Kevin Smith (SO.)
TE: ASJ (FR.)/Michael Hartvigson (RS FR.)/ Marion Barnett (SO.)
LT:  Senio Kelemete (SR.)/Erik Kohler (SO.)
LG: Micah Hatchie (RS FR.)/Daniel Kanczugowski (JR.)
C: Drew Schaefer (JR.)/
Mykenna Ikehara (JR.)
RG: Colin Porter (SO.)/Ikehara (JR.)
RT: Erik Kohler(SO.)
/Skylar Fancher (SR.)

Comments on the offense: If this holds true, the Huskies would only lose 3 seniors that our starters (Jermaine Kearse, Devin Aguilar, and Senio Kelemete) and only 6 from their 2 deeps (add Jordan Polk, Cody Bruns, and Skyler Fancher).  With that being said, Chris Polk is almost surely headed to the NFL, so that leaves a hole at running back.  Johri Fogerson is applying for a red-shirt and seems likely to get it, so we’ll call him a RS JR.  The Huskies will lose two stars at receiver next year but have the depth to make up for it.  It won’t be a huge drop off after this year.  Although, the skill positions will need to step up.

I listed both Price and Montana as the starter because no one has any idea who will start.  Also, Hatchie and Kancugowski will be an interesting battle for the final guard position (assuming Kohler moves to right-tackle).


DE:  Everette Thompson (SR.)/Talia Crichton (JR.)/Andrew Hudson (RS FR.)
DE:  Hau’oli Jamora (SO.)/Josh Shirley (RS FR.)/Kalani Aldrich (SR.)
DT:  Alameda Ta’amu (SR.)/
Sione Potoa’e (SO.)/Danny Shelton (FR.)
DT:  Semisi Tokolahi (JR.)/Lawrence Lagafuaina (RS FR.)
LB:  Princeton Fuimaono (SO.)/Cooper Pelluer (SO.)
LB:  Cort Dennison (SR.)/Garret Gilliland (SO.)/Victor Burnett (RS FR.)
LB:  Thomas Tutogi (SO.)/Jordan Wallace (JR.)
DB:  Quinton Richardson (SR.)/Adam Long (Jr.)/Antavius Sims (JR.)
DB:  Desmond Trufant (JR.)/
Greg Ducre (SO.)/Marcus Peters (FR.)
FS:  Nate Fellner (JR.)/Will Shamburger (SO.)/Justin Glenn (JR.)
SS:  Sean Parker (SO.)/Taz Stevenson (SO.)/
James Sample (FR.)

Comments on the Defense: There are a few unsure positions in this (including 2 of the linebacker spots and the strong safety spot) but this is close to what the starters will look like.  The defense will lose some key players after this season (Ta’amu, Thompson, Dennison, and Richardson) but will return at least 7 starters after this year.  Also, the depth is much better than what we’ve seen in recent years.

2012 (starters in bold):

QB:  Keith Price (RS JR.)/Nick Montana (RS SO.)/Derrick Brown (RS FR?)
RB:  Jesse Callier (JR.)/Deontae Cooper (RS SO.)/ Johri Fogerson (RS SR.)/Bishop Sankey (RS FR?)
FB:  Zach Fogerson (JR.)/Kimo Makaula (JR.)/Dezden Petty (RS FR?)
WR: James Johnson(SR.)/Kasen Williams (SO.)/Kevin Smith (JR.)/DiAndre Campbell (RS SO.)/Jamaal Jones (RS FR./SO.)/Marvin Hall (RS FR/SO.)/ Josh Perkins (RS FR/SO.)
TE: ASJ (SO.)/Michael Hartvigson (RS SO.)/ Marion Barnett (JR.)
LT:  Erik Kohler (JR.)/James Atoe (RS SO.)
LG: Micah Hatchie (RS SO.)/Daniel Kanczugowski (SR.)/
C: Drew Schaefer (SR.)/
Mykenna Ikehara (SR.)
RG: Colin Porter (JR.)/Ikehara (SR.)
RT: Mike Criste (RS SO.)/
Ben Riva (RS SO.)/Colin Tanigawa (RS SO.)

Comments on the offense: It’s really hard to know what’s going to happen as far as starters on the offensive line go, but this is my best guess.  Also, I’m assuming Polk leaves for the NFL and Callier/Cooper take as the starters at running back.  If this lineup holds true (or even somewhat true), the Huskies will only lose 2 starters after 2012 is over, Drew Schaefer and James Johnson.  Kancugowski or Ikehara might sneak into a starting role on the offensive line, maybe even Nick Wood, but this team should have a good amount of experience heading into the 2013 season.  Of course, we don’t know who will red-shirt in 2011, so I’m just guessing on who will have a red-shirt year and who won’t.


DE:  Talia Crichton (SR.)/Andrew Hudson (RS SO.)/Connor Cree (RS FR.)
DE:  Hau’oli Jamora (JR.)/Josh Shirley (RS SO.)/Taniela Tupou (RS FR.)
DT:  Sione Potoa’e (JR.)
/Danny Shelton (SO.)/Chris Robinson (SR.)
DT:  Semisi Tokolahi (SR.)/Lawrence Lagafuaina (RS JR.)
LB:  Princeton Fuimaono (JR.)/Cooper Pelluer (JR.)/Jamaal Kearse (RS SO.)
LB:  Garret Gilliland (JR.)/Victor Burnett (RS SO.)/Tim Tucker (JR.)
LB:  Thomas Tutogi (JR.)/Jordan Wallace (SR.)/John Timu (RS FR.)
DB:  Adam Long (Sr.)/Antavius Sims (SR.)/
DB:  Desmond Trufant (SR.)/
Greg Ducre (JR.)/Marcus Peters (SO.)
FS:  Nate Fellner (SR.)/Will Shamburger (JR.)/Justin Glenn (SR.)
SS:  Sean Parker (JR.)/Taz Stevenson (JR)/
James Sample (SO.)

Comments on the defense: I have no idea how any of the incoming freshmen linebackers will progress, so I left them out of this one (aside from Timu).  It’s entirely possible that one of them could sneak in and grab a starting spot.  This defense is losing quite a few players.  If this holds true, they’ll be losing 5 starters (or at least key players).  At this point, it will be imperative for the Dawgs to have a few new corners.  The secondary will take a hit after this season, but the front 7 should remain fairly solid.



QB:  Keith Price (RS SR.)/Nick Montana (RS JR.)/Derrick Brown (RS SO?)
RB:  Jesse Callier (SR.)/Deontae Cooper (RS JR.)/Bishop Sankey (RS SO?)
FB:  Zach Fogerson (SR.)/Kimo Makaula (SR.)/Dezden Petty (RS SO?)
WR:  Kasen Williams (JR.)/Kevin Smith (SR.)/DiAndre Campbell (RS JR.)/Jamaal Jones (RS SO./JR.)/Marvin Hall (RS SO/JR.)/ Josh Perkins (RS SO/JR.)
TE: ASJ (JR.)/Michael Hartvigson (RS JR.)/ Marion Barnett (SR.)
LT:  Erik Kohler (SR.)/James Atoe (RS JR.)
LG: Micah Hatchie (RS JR.)/Siosifa Tufunga (RS SO.)
C:  Colin Tanigawa (RS JR.)

RG: Colin Porter (SR.)/Dexter Charles (RS SO.
RT: Mike Criste (RS JR.)/
Ben Riva (RS JR.)

Comments on the offense: Again, we have no idea how the line will progress at this point in time, but there will be a lot of experience on this team at this point.  If this is close to true the Huskies would lose 5 or 6 starters from the offense.  By this point, players from next year’s recruiting class will be contributing.  This is a strong looking group on the skill positions.  Also, the line should be solid with Kohler and Porter anchoring them.


DE:  Andrew Hudson (RS JR.)/Connor Cree (RS SO.)
DE:  Hau’oli Jamora (SR.)/Josh Shirley (RS JR.)/Taniela Tupou (RS SO.)
DT:  Sione Potoa’e (SR.)
/Chris Robinson (SR.)
DT:  Danny Shelton(JR.)/Lawrence Lagafuaina (RS SR.)
LB:  Princeton Fuimaono (SR.)/Cooper Pelluer (SR.)/Jamaal Kearse (RS JR.)
LB:  Garret Gilliland (SR.)/Victor Burnett (RS JR.)/Tim Tucker (SR.)
LB:  Thomas Tutogi (SR.)/John Timu (RS SO.)
DB:  Greg Ducre (SR.)/Open
DB:  Marcus Peters (JR.)/
FS:  Will Shamburger (JR.)/Evan Zeger (RS SO.)
SS:  Sean Parker (JR.)/Taz Stevenson (JR)/
James Sample (SO.)

Comments on the defense: I left off the 5 freshmen linebackers (from this year’s recruiting class) in this depth chart also, but it’s likely that one of them will make an impact by this point.  As you can see, the Dawgs would be lacking corners at this point.  Expect that to be a point of emphasis in upcoming recruiting classes.  If this lineup is close to true, the Huskies would lose around 6 or 7 starters.  This team should have a ton of experience on it.

Overview: Of course, this is all looking too far ahead.  So much can change in the course of one year, it’s somewhat silly to look ahead 3.  But, the point is to show that the amount of depth the last two recruiting classes have brought in and how the depth is spread around (aside from cornerback).  People have argued that there should have been some more offensive line commits from this class, and I’m not saying they’re wrong, but the depth on the offensive line is finally to a point where we could feel good about it.  When’s the last time we could say that?  Finally, the Huskies are getting to a point where there is competition abound in most spots on the team.

Thanks for reading.



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