Can I Complain For a Second?

It’s almost halftime in the UW-WSU game, and the Huskies aren’t looking too good.  I’m not sure what the problem is, but they just don’t have much at the moment.  The Cougars are playing a good game, but the Dawgs aren’t giving much fight right now.

I’ll leave game commentary until the game is over, but I’m having a hard time listening to the broadcast right now.  The main theme of the half has been how great it is that Klay Thompson apologized to fans before the game from which he was suspended.  I have a real problem with this.  I think it’s great that he apologized.  If it was his own idea, that’s commendable.  If Ken Bone or his dad made him do it, good for them.  Apologizing publicly doesn’t make Klay Thompson a hero, however, and that’s the feeling that the TV announcers are giving.

I don’t expect or want them to tear Thompson apart.  I don’t even care if they criticize him or not.  I don’t want them heaping on more criticism, but the truth is that he was selfish, broke the law, and set a terrible example for the young fans watching him.  He let down his team and possibly cost them a shot at an NCAA tournament berth.  The same goes for Venoy.  He had a part in bringing down this once promising season, and a public apology wouldn’t excuse that or his actions.

Good for Klay for apologizing and coming out tonight and playing hard.  I appreciate that FSN is trying to make a good story out of bad events, and they’ve done a good job of not focusing on Klay and Venoy’s troubles, but they’ve taken it too far the other direction.  I, for one, think it’s giving the wrong message.  Just had to get that off my chest.



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  1. derek

    I know this is a little late but I was just stopping in because this also made me very upset. How do you make this guy into a hero for commiting a crime. Its terrible I didn’t see any husky fans or commentators making venoy into being a hero, which I am glad because that was a stupid crime and should have probably even been more frowned upon than it was. But I was watching the wazzu nit game last week and klay went up for a dunk, threw it down and got the and1 call and after the play was over a wsu player rushed over and game him a hug and klay shoved his own player and said “get the **** off of me!” I mean what kind of role model is this guy. He is a great player but they obviously didn’t do him any favors by letting his selfishness slide the way it did nor did they teach a very good lesson being that castro commited the same crime less than two weeks later with no punishment yet to be seen coming from it. I don’t care the team or quality of the player or difference they make to their team these guys shouldn’t be above the law. Thanks for letting me vent! Love you guys

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