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Can I Complain For a Second?

It’s almost halftime in the UW-WSU game, and the Huskies aren’t looking too good.  I’m not sure what the problem is, but they just don’t have much at the moment.  The Cougars are playing a good game, but the Dawgs aren’t giving much fight right now.

I’ll leave game commentary until the game is over, but I’m having a hard time listening to the broadcast right now.  The main theme of the half has been how great it is that Klay Thompson apologized to fans before the game from which he was suspended.  I have a real problem with this.  I think it’s great that he apologized.  If it was his own idea, that’s commendable.  If Ken Bone or his dad made him do it, good for them.  Apologizing publicly doesn’t make Klay Thompson a hero, however, and that’s the feeling that the TV announcers are giving.

I don’t expect or want them to tear Thompson apart.  I don’t even care if they criticize him or not.  I don’t want them heaping on more criticism, but the truth is that he was selfish, broke the law, and set a terrible example for the young fans watching him.  He let down his team and possibly cost them a shot at an NCAA tournament berth.  The same goes for Venoy.  He had a part in bringing down this once promising season, and a public apology wouldn’t excuse that or his actions.

Good for Klay for apologizing and coming out tonight and playing hard.  I appreciate that FSN is trying to make a good story out of bad events, and they’ve done a good job of not focusing on Klay and Venoy’s troubles, but they’ve taken it too far the other direction.  I, for one, think it’s giving the wrong message.  Just had to get that off my chest.



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Raise The Roof

Can we put a stop to the discussion of who is the best player in the Pac-10?  I’d take Derrick Williams and Klay Thompson on my team any day, even though Thompson drives me nuts, but no player is doing more better right now than Isaiah Thomas.  He’s gone from a very good shooting guard to the best point guard in the conference, and one of the best in the nation, in what seems like the blink of an eye.

As disappointing as it was to lose Abdul Gaddy for the year, and it would certainly be nice to have him around, his injury could be the catalyst for this team to jump to another level.  With Isaiah running the point to perfection, that allows UW to add one of their rangy swingmen to the line-up, which no team in the Pac can really match.  Or they play Overton and IT together and they can wreak havoc on the perimeter and in the lane.

Following Gaddy’s injury, Thomas seemed to take it upon himself to carry the team, and he has, despite the loss to Stanford.  IT spent the day before the first game without Gaddy proclaiming on Twitter that he was going to start the movement to bring back the Raise the Roof.  That night, he got his first dunk of his college career and started the movement.  He kept it up two nights later to win his first Pac-10 player of the week award, and tonight he posted his first double-double with 27 points and 12 assists, with only 1 turnover.  If the Huskies keep rolling to the conference title and IT plays anywhere close to this level the rest of the way, I can’t see how he doesn’t win the conference player of the year award. 

Keep it up, IT.  I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have running these Huskies.

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Huskies vs. Cougars Prediction

I thought this would be a worth a try, we’re going to have a little prediction thread for the game tonight.  If this works we can do it before more games.  So, leave your prediction of the game tonight below in the comments section.

My prediction?  Sadly, my prediction is WSU 72-68.  I feel awful for predicting this but for some reason I just don’t see the dawgs winning this game.  Maybe because it’s another road game, maybe it’s because I lost some hope after the USC loss but this may be a nail biter.  I see Klay finally going off and scoring in the 20’s and Casto shutting down MBA’s improved post play.  Quincy will show up, like he always does but I don’t think it’s enough to beat the Cougs’ in their home finale.  I hope I’m wrong!

Post your predictions below! Go Dawgs!



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