My Oh My

This season doesn’t promise much, but take this last night to imagine everything going right:  Felix winning his second consecutive Cy Young; Pineda and Ackley the top two rookies in the league; Milton Bradley vanquishing his personal demons and leading the league in OPS again.  I see a dream run to the top of the division and Felix shutting out the Yankees and Red Sox in the playoffs.  Reality starts tomorrow at 7:00.


Hopefully, everyone’s seen or heard this by now, but I can’t think of a better way to start the season.  Macklemore is also performing this at the home opener, which was the no-brainer move of the season that I didn’t think would happen. 

Whatever the season brings, there will certainly be something missing.  We miss you, Dave Niehaus. 




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3 responses to “My Oh My

  1. dpscansen

    Opening day at Safeco is as good as it gets and the M’s PR staff made a great call with inviting Macklemore to perform next week. The other move they ought to consider is pumping “fly, fly, away” over the speakers at Safeco every time a Mariner hits one out. This would be awesome.

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