The Good Guys Pac-12 Picks – Week 2

The first week brought on games that weren’t exactly difficult to predict.  There was the Colorado upset and the Cal upset.  Joe correctly predicted the Colorado upset but his pick of WSU didn’t come anywhere near to fruition.  Blame his man crush on Marquess Wilson for that pick.  This week there are a few more marquee games and chances for upset.  If there was a week for the Pac-12 to make a statement, this is it.  I wrote a few sentences about each team earlier in the week if you’re looking for a little more of a preview.  But, here are our picks for the week.  If you are so inclined, please put your picks in the standings and see how you stack up against the Good Guys!  Here we go!

Arizona vs. Oklahoma State

The Good Guys: Oklahoma State

Arizona State vs. Illinois

Joe, Matthew, and Dan: Arizona State

Andrew:  Illinois

California vs. Southern Utah

The Good Guys:  California

Colorado vs. Sacramento State

The Good Guys:  Colorado

Oregon vs. Fresno State

The Good Guys:  Oregon 😦

Oregon State vs. Wisconsin

The Good Guys:  Wisconsin

Stanford vs. Duke

The Good Guys:  Stanford

UCLA vs. Nebraska

Joe, Matthew, Dan:  Nebraska

Andrew:  UCLA

USC at Syracuse

The Good Guys:  USC

Utah at Utah State

The Good Guys:  Utah

WSU vs. Eastern Washington

The Good Guys:  WSU

Good Guys Pac-12 Pick Standings:

Everyone is tied at 10-2

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