The Good Guys Pac-12 Picks – Week 3

These posts always seems a little empty to me, so before I jump into the predictions I wanted to recap the posts that were put up this week, just in case you missed them. I had the joyous task of recapping the UW-LSU debacle. I also looked ahead to what the Huskies need to accomplish in that game. We had our weekly preview of other Pac-12 games, as well. My favorite post of the week was written by Matthew. The post is about Arizona State Sun Devil, Deantre Lewis.

Now, for the predictions. We weren’t great last week, but with all the upsets all of us turned in with a record of 8-4. We still all have the same record (18-6), which is interesting since there have been a few different picks throughout these first 2 weeks. There are some interesting games this week, but expect quite a few games where we all predict the same team to win. Here we go!

Arizona vs. South Carolina State

The Good Guys: Arizona

Arizona State at Missouri

Matthew: Arizona State

Andrew, Dan, Joe: Missouri

California at Ohio State

The Good Guys: Ohio State

Colorado at Fresno State

The Good Guys: Fresno State

Oregon vs. Tennessee Tech

The Good Guys: Oregon 😦

Stanford vs. USC

The Good Guys: USC

UCLA vs. Houston

The Good Guys: UCLA

Utah vs. BYU

Andrew, Dan: Utah

Matthew, Joe: BYU

WSU at UNLV (Friday)

The Good Guys: WSU


Everyone is tied at 18-6

As always, Washington Husky predictions will come tomorrow with a bit more analysis to them. Thanks for reading!



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