UW vs. PSU Predictions

It’s late and I’m tired, so we’ll jump right into the predictions this week. Nothing from Danny. Too bad.


The Huskies will get a win tomorrow so long as they show up and remember their uniforms and cleats. Could they win tomorrow without cleats? Something to ponder. I question if this team can run the ball, play consistent defense, and most of all, stay healthy. I don’t know that enough can happen in this game to put all my concerns to rest, but a blowout win would be a start. Im sure this is Portland State’s super bowl and they will be fired up, however, in games like this you just have to look at the talent divide. The gap is enormous in this matchup, so even if UW plays a sloppy game, they should cruise.

UW 40 – PSU 13


This is a pretty simple prediction. UW will win, and win big. Sark is in no mood to struggle in this game and I do believe this team will respond. The LSU debacle is behind them. What to learn from that game? LSU is elite, UW is not. We all knew that. I think we all expected UW to play better, but they didn’t and LSU rolled. Ok. The Huskies in most areas beat up San Diego State, which I think was encouraging. So if they blow out PSU, I think all we have is the SDSU game because LSU and PSU really don’t tell us anything we didn’t already know. Get by the Vikings and focus on the most important game of the year, Stanford on a Thursday night! I am confident the Dawgs will get it done this weekend and gear up for the Cardinal.

UW 41 – PSU 10


This shouldn’t be a game with which the Huskies struggle, even in their beleaguered state. I’m kind of tired of reading so much into how the Huskies play. They’re going to win or they’re going to lose. They looked bad last week and mediocre the week before, but what do we really know about them? They’re much worse than LSU in Death Valley. Big surprise. I’ll just be happy with a win at this point, but I expect a blowout. This is a chance for the Huskies to get a little momentum. Ideally, they’d win big, get the offense into gear, demonstrate some tackling ability, and then get healed up going into Stanford. That’d be great, but like I said, any win is good with me.

UW 45 – PSU 13


(These first two paragraphs aren’t supposed to be included, but I get them every week and it makes me laugh, so I’m putting them in.)
What up, big boi? How about this weather! I’m sweating because I’m sitting in a leather chair and the sun is shining on me. Call it bad planning if you will but I call it a chance to lose some weight!
Does Portland State even know that pilots don’t really do anything. I take that back. Pilots fly planes and that’s more than I can do. But, take away a pilot’s plane and all you have is a guy in a weird hat, wearing some big goggles. They should rethink the name. Maybe the Portland State Losers because that’s what they’ll be tomorrow! Ooooooohhh! Here’s my prediction:

It’s been an interesting week at U-Dub. It was one of those weeks where I kind of wished that I wasn’t a hardcore fan and would just show up on Saturday’s for the games. But, because I’m not that, I get sucked into the talk radio and infinite blog posts out there. All the talk has been about the new practice policy. While I’m not for the policy, it really doesn’t affect my life if I know that Colin Tanigawa is starting this week or not. So, tomorrow I’m going to go to the game and enjoy a Husky victory. I don’t expect it to be close and I’ll be a little bit disappointed if it is. Here are three things I’ll be watching for:

1. The offense needs to look unstoppable. I want Keith Price to have a huge game and the receivers need to get open. A 3rd receiver needs to emerge behind Kasen and Kevin Smith. Perhaps most importantly of all, the running game has to look dominant.
2. The defense needs to prevent long drives. I’m okay with the Dawgs giving up a few big plays because Portland State’s offense seems to be decent. What I don’t want to see is Portland State gaining 7 or 8 yards every play on a drive.
3. The Backups. I want to see the backups in the game by midway through the fourth quarter. This would mean a Husky blowout and it would also mean some valuable time for our young guys. The Dawgs don’t usually have that optioin and it’s about time we see it.

I want a dominating performance tomorrow. I think Portland State will put up a few points but that should be after the Huskies jump out to a big lead. Go Dawgs!

Huskies – 52 Portland State – 17


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