Pac-12 Predictions – Week 2

The Pac-12 is bounding in to week 2 tonight, with ASU opening their season against Sacramento State.  The conference did about as expected last week aside from that Oregon State debacle.  This week should be an even better week for the conference.  In fact, it would be an upset if any conference team lost this week.

We also have our first conference game as Wazzu travels to Los Angeles to take on USC.  Not exactly a marquee game to start conference play, but the Cougars could surprise an often under-achieving USC team.  All in all, there isn’t a game this week that has a spread under 10.

Thursday – 

Sacramento State vs. Arizona State
The Good Guys: Arizona State

Saturday – 

Weber State vs. Utah
The Good Guys: Utah

Oregon vs. Virginia
The Good Guys: Oregon

Portland State vs. California
The Good Guys: California

Hawaii vs. Oregon State
The Good Guys: Oregon State

Central Arkansas vs. Colorado
The Good Guys: Colorado

Arizona vs. UNLV
The Good Guys: Arizona

The Good Guys: USC

San Jose State vs. Stanford
The Good Guys: Stanford

I can’t remember a week where all of the Good guys had the same exact picks.  There will probably be an upset somewhere along the way but none of us feel very confident in the underdogs.  Here are the standings after week 1 (that includes the Husky game):

Andrew 8-1
Matthew 7-2
Dan 7-2
Joe 6-3

Put your predictions in the comments to see how you compare!  Happy football!


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