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Huskies at the Quarter Pole

It’s hard to believe, but the Husky season is already at the quarter point.  Our Dawgs’ have the record we all expected them to have after 3 games, 2-1, even if they’ve taken a strange route to get there.

September started with a game against Eastern Washington where the Huskies were outplayed in almost every area of the game.  They got the win, but panic ensued around Husky nation and people were upset.  Next, Hawaii came in and the Dawgs came out on fire.  They jumped to a 21-0 lead and seemed like a team who could compete with the best of the best.  Then they let Hawaii back into it and held on for a victory.  The Huskies were 2-0 for the first time since 2007 but neither victory provided a ton of confidence in the team.

Yesterday, they went into one of the toughest places to play in the country.  They stood toe-to-toe with Nebraska in the first half, and by all accounts would have had the lead going into halftime if it weren’t for a terrible call.  Then, the third quarter started.  A three-and-out, a terrible call on a punt, a touchdown, a fumbled kick-off, a touchdown, a turnover on downs, and a touchdown later the Huskies were down by 24.

It was a terrible stretch to watch and, judging from post-game interviews, was even worse to play in.  Now that I’ve cooled off and watched the rest of the game, I’ve realized that those stretches are one of the many reasons why I love college football.  On any Saturday, a team can be totally swept up in the momentum of the game and anything can happen.  These players are taking calculus and history classes during the week and all of a sudden they’re dealing with poor officiating and bad bounces of the ball and they completely lose their composure.  That happened to us on Saturday and I’m not saying it’s acceptable, it’s not, but that’s college football and it’s part of the reason why it’s so exciting.

Anyway, the Huskies regained their composure and went on to battle back, fighting valiantly to the finish.  It wasn’t the outcome we had hoped for, but it was probably the best game the Huskies have played all season.

I’ll break down each position after the jump.  Continue reading


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UW Recruiting- Offensive Line

After taking a huge class of seven offensive linemen last year, this year’s class is lagging behind with only two current commitments.  Expect that number to grow before signing day, but it just isn’t as good of a year for offensive linemen, it appears.

Offensive Line


Dexter Charles  6’5″ 270 lbs.  Stanwood HS (WA)

Siosifa Tufunga  6’3″ 288  Jordan HS (Long Beach, CA)


Paulay Asiata  6’5″ 290 lbs.  St. Louis HS (Hawaii)

Akeem Gonzales  6’4″ 250 lbs.  Bishop Alameny HS (CA)

Cyrus Hobbi  6’3″ 285 lbs.  Saguaro HS (AZ)

According to Scout.com, these are the only three uncommitted players at the position currently holding offers from UW.  Hobbi is the highest rated player, but also sounds like the least likely to be a Husky.  The rumors are that Asiata is leaning toward UW, which would be pretty big.  Getting the best lineman in Hawaii is usually a good way to go.  It wouldn’t be surprising to see someone else get offered late.  I imagine the Huskies would like to take at least four linemen in this class.  I would expect at least one more commit for sure, hopefully Asiata. Continue reading

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One Down, Two to Go!

Last night, the Husky football team closed out their home schedule with a 24-7 win over UCLA.  The defense had their best performance of the season and the team closed out the game like they needed to to get a victory.  Over the next two weeks, I plan on writing a few posts on the Husky seniors, but for today I want to address the biggest question left on this season: Can this team make a bowl game?

The Huskies sit at 4-6 right now with two games remaining.  Obviously, the Huskies have to win the next two to assure themselves a spot in the post-season.  They can do this.  They play an inconsistent Cal team and then a Cougar team, that is improving but is still the worst team in the conference.  Last night was a good team effort by the Huskies but I’m still not feeling very confident in our chances.  These things have to improve:

  • The defensive line needs to continue to improve. Last night, the Dawgs d-line played their best half of the season, in the second half.  Ta’amu and Jamora made 12 tackles combined and there was some penetration.  Yes, UCLA’s offense in the second half was absolutely terrible but some of the credit has to go to the Huskies defense for that.  These lineman have to keep getting better and cause penetration.  They face a tough task next week against Cal and Shane Vereen but expect the gameplan for the defense to be much like it was against UCLA, forcing Cal to throw.
  • Keep the Rushing Attack Going. If the Huskies run for over 250 yards in each of their next games, I like their chances.  This will especially be essential against WSU, in a freezing game that will be all about running the football.  Sark needs to make a commitment to running the football often over the next 2 games, much like he did in the second half.  Also, as Locker gets more healthy I think they need to let him run more.  These are the last 2 games he has.  I think he would agree with me here.
  • Converting 3rd and Shorts. This was the most frustrating part of the game yesterday.  I don’t know how many third and shorts the Huskies had but I can only think of them converting on one of them.  It’s probably more but it didn’t feel like it.  The play calling needs to be more creative on 3rd and short and the players need to execute better.
  • Colin Porter needs to start. This is the most questionable of these points, but, in my opinion, the offensive line is clearly better when he’s in the game.  He was in most of the second half when the running game really got going and was in the game on the first touchdown drive also.  Christine is a leader and gives an all out effort, but Porter is just better.  It seems like this has been the case all season.

Surely, there are other keys but these are the ones I can think of without getting extremely obvious.  That’s all for now, have a good weekend and thanks for reading!


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Huskies Post Game: Syracuse

The Huskies got their first win of the year last night at Husky Stadium against Syracuse, 41-20. The Dawgs’ struggled early on; there wasn’t any offensive rhythm and special team’s mistakes led to an early 10-0 lead for the Orange.  But, then the Huskies found it.  They played like the team we had planned on seeing this year.  They outscored Syracuse 41-10 through the rest of the game and it wasn’t much of a contest after the first couple plays in the second half.

Jermaine Kearse had a monster day (9 receptions for 179 yards), as the offense used big plays to dominate.  The defense was solid too.  They gave up two or three big plays but the two touchdowns Syracuse scored were because of a special teams penalty and a turnover.

I’ll review this one by taking a look at each position.  I haven’t been able to find a replay anywhere yet, FSN decided to show a replay of Wyoming and Texas instead, so I won’t be as thorough as I’d like to be but these were my first impressions from being there.  Continue reading

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What I Want To See On Saturday

The Huskies loss to BYU was disappointing in so many ways.  It was the type of game, a road test against a beatable team, that the Huskies couldn’t win last year.  Beating BYU was a chance to start the season by answering questions.  A win would have set the team on a course to improve upon last year’s five wins and show that the team is moving rapidly toward sustained success.

The loss only brought more questions, and it failed to answer any that existed previously.  Are the Huskies improved from last year?  It didn’t appear so, but they didn’t look worse either.  Was all the offseason talk of improved strength and explosiveness just talk?  Can an experienced offensive line be consistently effective?  Will the defense build on a dominating end to the 2009 season?  All questions without clear answers, now one game deep in the season.

One game is still only one game, and this team wasn’t going to contend for the national championship no matter what, so the loss isn’t terribly damaging from a season or conference race standpoint.  Most teams start the season a little rusty, which is why teams play Toledo and UC-Davis and Sacramento State to start.  BYU vs. UW was one of the few games last weekend to combine two good teams, so the Huskies deserve at least a bit of a break.  They get their winnable game this weekend against Syracuse.

The problem with playing Syracuse is that it still won’t answer a lot of the questions.  Syracuse should be a lot easier to handle than BYU, which obviously is good.  This team needs wins anyway they can get them.  But even a win won’t necessarily say much about these Huskies.  Until they pull out a win on the road, it’s hard to judge this team to be anything different than it was last season.

All that said, there are certainly things to watch for this Saturday.  This game could go two ways.  Syracuse could be as bad as Dawg fans hope, and UW could be on the winning end of a blowout.  Syracuse could also be better than expected, or the Huskies worse, and Husky Stadium could see a tight game.  There are actually positives and negatives to each scenario.  A look at them after the jump. Continue reading

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UW Huskies Offensive Preview

In 2009, the Husky offense was largely inconsistent, often showing excellent playmaking ability up until the time they needed to score on the goal line or keep a drive going late in the game.  The hope is this year they will find that consistency and become the high-powered threat that their talent suggests.


Starter: Jake Locker  Maybe you’ve heard of this guy.  Senior starter who passed up millions to try to lead his team to a bowl game and make a run at the Heisman trophy.  He could be the best quarterback in the country, but he does need to make improvements, chiefly with his accuracy.  Sarkisian has him aiming for a 70% completion rate and 3/1 touchdown to interception ratio, which would be a season for the ages.  He likely won’t quite make that, but there’s no bigger threat at the position in the country.

Depth: Keith Price & Nick Montana  The two backups are still fighting for the job, although it appears Price has pulled ahead for now.  Price is more of an athlete who has struggled with his accuracy at times.  Montana, son of Joe, has the smarts but maybe not quite the arm strength or physical maturity yet.  Price will likely backup on a game to game basis, but if Locker went down for an extended period, either might take over.

Analysis: If Locker stays healthy, it doesn’t get much better.  If he goes down, it’s hard to say what would happen with Price or Montana under center. Continue reading

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