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Read a few things that caught my eye today. 

  • With Jake Locker out, take a look at the possible future with UW QB commit Joseph Gray.  Not a ton of info here, but his team is 8-0 and he’s put up some massive numbers this year.  He was lightly recruited until he committed, but word is that lots of teams were/are starting to take an interest.  Maybe the biggest knock on Gray is lack of size, as he stands only about 6′.
  • I’ve always felt bad for Kevin Riley, who has been a good QB sometimes, and a horrendous one occasionally.  His season and career are now over after an injury last week at OSU, and Ted Miller has a really nice little article.  Best of luck to Riley in the future.  I wish he could have gone out better, like getting beat by the Huskies!
  • If you’re a Mariner fan and don’t already, you should just read Lookout Landing every day.  If you don’t yet, start with this.  It’s kind of hopeful.  I wouldn’t have any problem with the Mariners getting rid of Lincoln and Armstrong, but I fully disagree with anyone who says the Mariners can’t win as long as they’re here.  They might make it harder, but what wins games is talent on the field, not ownership.  If you haven’t noticed, the Mariners need better players.  Speaking of which…
  • Prospect Insider has a post about potential shortstop solutions.  I looked at the shortstops on the Mariners roster recently and proclaimed the situation pretty bleak.  Jason Churchill doesn’t make many predictions, but he brings up a few names I hadn’t thought about.  Jose Reyes, anyone?  Not likely, but what is the offseason for if not a chance to dream?




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