Huskies 2010 Recruits (Offensive/Defensive lines)

Offensive Line (7)

James Atoe, OT, 6-6, 339–  James Atoe was a late addition to this class. The coaches didn’t offer him until the last week of recruiting and it was thought that Atoe was mostly offered because some other guys didn’t commit to come here. But after hearing the coaches talk about him I think that they wanted to keep him a secret so that other schools wouldn’t find out about him. This guy is 6-6, 339 lbs. and still runs a 4.9 40. Think about that running at you, frightening to say the least. Sark said Atoe is a potential top 5 pick in the NFL draft. Honestly, I don’t believe him but if he’s anywhere near that kind of a player this is a great under the radar pickup.

Mike Criste, OL, 6-5, 279– Criste is only rated a 2 star by but he pulled in scholarship offers from good programs like Notre Dame, Oregon State, and Arizona State. His weight is a little small at the moment but his high school coach told the Seattle Times that he could easily get to 315 because of his frame. Like Atoe, Criste is likely headed to a red-shirt year in which he’ll develop but after that he could become a real contributor.

Micah Hatchie, OT, 6-5, 265– Hatchie is generally considered the best offensive lineman out of Hawaii this year. He had scholarship offers from most of the Pac-10 schools, including Oregon and California. He’s considered a good basketball player which means he has good feet for an offensive lineman. Another guy who is most likely headed to a red-shirt year but I think he’ll be on the field before too long.

Erik Kohler, OT, 6-5, 304– He’s considered by many the best lineman on the west coast this year. He was Nick Montana’s teammate this year and will probably be protecting Montana’s blind side for years to come at left tackle. Before Sean Parker committed, many thought Kohler was the best guy in this class. He’s one of two offensive lineman who has a real shot at playing next year.

Colin Porter, OL, 6-4, 314– This is the other guy who could play next year on the line. Another guy who played for Bothell, this guy is already 314 lbs. and is still very quick. From watching his highlight films, Porter seems more polished than any of the other lineman who committed (outside of Kohler). I think he will probably end up playing guard for the Dawgs within the next few years.

Colin Tanigawa, G, 6-3, 291– The only lineman who isn’t listed as a tackle. has him ranked as the #28 guard in the country. His quarterback this year was Jerry Neuheisel, son of Rick Neuheisel. He is the shortest of all the lineman, which is typical in guards.

Ben Riva, OT, 6-6, 276– Rounding out this great class of lineman is Riva. He was Zach Fogerson’s teammate at O’Dea this year. Like Porter, I think Riva will end up as a guard for UW. He is another guy who will benefit from a year in the weight room. You can never be sure but I think he’s headed to a red-shirt year as well.

Defensive Line (4)

Andrew Hudson, DE, 6-3, 222–  Hudson is from the same high school that brought UW Ronnie Fouch, Chris Polk, and Marquis Persley.  Scouting reports say that Hudson is very quick off the ball but that he needs to put some weight on.  Ideally, a defensive end would be over 240-250 lbs.  With the lack of depth at this position, I expect to see Hudson on the field this year.  In an interview on signing day, Hudson said that he thought he’ll be playing this year.

Hau’oli Jamora, DE, 6-3, 250–  Jamora was named Hawaii’s defensive player of the year, which is no small feat (he actually has quite large feet).  Like Hudson, I think Jamora will get some playing time this year as a true freshman.  He’s also quick off the ball and has already gained weight this year.  I’m very excited to see this kid play.

Lawrence Lagafuaina, DT, 6-0, 336–  Are you ready for LagaMANIA?!  Alright, I’m done with the bad jokes.  Obviously, Lawrence is a big boy.  Despite his size, Sark says he has good quickness.  Lagafuaina is a basketball player which can be an indicator of good footwork.  He’s another player from Hawaii.

Sione Potoa’e, DT, 6-2, 266–  Potoa’e is considered the best recruit in Washington who’s not named Jake Heaps.  USC came after him hard but, thankfully, Potoa’e chose to stay home.  Very few college freshman can come in and made an impact at the the defensive tackle position but that’s exactly what is expected of Potoa’e.  Although he’s listed at 266 pounds, I’ve heard Sione is closer to 290 which is about where he needs to be for this coming season.  The best thing I can think to say about Potoa’e coming to UW is, “WHOOOO!”

I’ll be back with the rest of the defensive guys tomorrow. Thanks for reading! (Make sure to check out Dan’s post on I.T. below, good stuff).



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  1. Andrew, your summaries of the incoming class are great. Isn’t it exciting to be stoked for Husky football in February? During the apocalypse known as the Willingham era, recruiting class announcements were non-existent. No one cared. We were competing with Nevada and New Mexico for players, it was brutal. Now? WOW!!! Kids turning down USC, Michigan, Oklahoma to play for the Dawgs. I am so jacked for Labor Day weekend!!!!

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