Huskies 2010 Recruits (Defensive Skill Positions)

Here’ the last of our new guys.  Congrats if you’ve made it this far with me!  Here we go:

Linebacker (7)

Victor Burnett, 5-11, 213-  Burnett, along with Callier, Cooper, and Montana, will be enrolled in time for spring ball.  This is great because with the loss of Donald Butler (and possibly E.J. Savannah), Burnett could be in line to play right away.  Victor had offers from the likes of Oklahoma, Nebraska and most Pac-10 schools.  Scouting reports say Burnett is always around the ball which would make him a good middle linebacker.  To play that position he will need to get bigger.

Princeton Fuimaono, 6-0, 196-  I proudly gave this guy the terrible nicname “Prince Fui” this week while talking to Megan about him on facebook.  It won’t catch on but because of this “Prince Fui” will be my favorite Husky that no one’s heard of.   He is listed as a middle linebacker on but becaue of his size he will probably play weakside.  He played just about every offensive position possible in high school.  You never know with the lack of quality depth at linebacker but I expect Fuimaono to redshirt.  Long live Prince Fui!

Garret Gilliland, 6-0, 214- Gilliland flew under the radar a little bit because he was hurt much of this year.  Despite this, there’s reason to think Gilliland could be something very special.  This guy was named co-conference player of the year with a certain USC quarterback named Matt Barkley when he was just a junior.  Garrett is said to be a very smart player with good instincts.

Cooper Pelleur, 6-3, 220-  Cooper was a late addition to this class, as it became apparent that the Huskies wouldn’t sign some other linebackers.  Pelleur will alternate between linebacker and defensive end.  The staff seems to like his versatility in that he is able to rush the passer but can also be used in coverage.  Pelleur went to school at Skyline and was originally committed Hawaii.  I would expect Pelleur to redshirt.

Darius Waters, 6-1, 227-  Waters committed to U-Dub last March and never thought about going anywhere else, even with some quality schools showing interest.  Waters played defensive line in high school but will play linebacker here.  He already has some size and may be capable of playing next year.  He too could play a hybrid role in which he rushes the passer and plays linebacker.

Brent Williams, 6-2, 186-  Williams is listed as a defensive end/outside linebacker.  Because of his lack of size I decided to put him in with the linebackers.  Sark said on signing day that Williams is up to around 200 lbs. now and will get closer to where he needs to be.  A year in the weight room will really help Williams.

Chris Young, 6-1, 215-  Young was an excellent running back in high school but he prefers defense and I think that’s where the coaches should and will put him. Young needs to take care of some academic issues but if he gets into school he will be a really solid contributor.  Chris is the hardest hitter I’ve ever seen in high school football.  Of all the highlight films I watched, his is my favorite.  He could be an extremely good player for the Dawgs for the next 4 years.  Please get into school Chris!

Cornerback (1)

Greg Ducre, 5-10, 165-  Unfortunately the Huskies lost out on some of the top cornerback recruits but this guy should is a nice addition.  He is a good guy in coverage.  The Huskies need cornerbacks who are good with one-on-one coverage so that they’ll able to pressure the quarterback instead of sitting back in a zone.  This is what they did against Cal and, with guys like Ducre on the team, I think we’ll see more of that same attacking defense.  At least I hope see.

Safeties (4)

Jamaal Kearse, 6-2, 209-  Jamaal is the brother of current UW receiver, Jermaine.  Like his brother, Kearse could end up at receiver but I think the coaches plan on starting him out at safety.  He’s a tall kid, who has a good frame and is athletic.  When you look at a safety you want him to be about this size.  I don’t know where for sure but Kearse will be a good player on the field for UW in the future.

SEAN PARKER, 5-10, 204-  I know what you’re thinking, “Silly Andrew, you left his name in all caps.” This was no accident my friends, I’m just excited! Parker is probably the most decorated player in this class and highly ranked by all recruiting sources.  The only downside on Parker is he’s a little shorter than most safeties, but Eric Berry (an all-american safety for Tennessee) is the same height.  Parker can do everything you want a safety to do.  He could very well be starting alongside Nate Williams next September in Provo (209 more days until the first game!)

Taz Stevenson, 6-3, 205-  Taz is another guy with endless nickname possibilities.  He’s got the size to be a very good safety.  On signing day Sark compared him to…. Sean Parker.  The staff likes that Stevenson can do all the things a safety needs to do.  Taz may switch positions (he’s listed as an athlete by the Huskies) but he will start at safety and has the capability to be a very good one.

John Timu, 6-1, 195-  Timu will be the only member of this class to greyshirt.  This means he won’t enroll in school until next January and will train on his own this fall.  He won’t lose a year of eligibily this year even though he counts against this recruiting class.  The reason Timu is doing this is because he tore his ACL in the football season and will still be recovering through the summer and fall.  That Timu did enough through his junior year to get recruited by Pac-10 schools should show you the kind of talent he has. 

That covers everyone.  Don’t worry, I’ll try to keep my posts shorter from now on.  Thanks for reading and have a great Super Bowl Sunday (go Saints)!  And make sure to check out Joe’s first post below!



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  1. dpscansen

    Cooper Pelleur and his 2 TD game against Bothell in the Kingco Championship still wasn’t enough! (yes they got us in the much more important re-match.)

    Darius Waters looks about 35 years old…

    Sean Parker paired with Nate Williams could be solid. Justin Glenn and Nate Fellner are decent back ups.

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