Why Cliff Lee Getting Ejected isn’t Awesome

The only reason Cliff Lee getting ejected isn’t awesome is because he is now suspended for the first 5 games of the season.  I’m going to try to not go on a rant here but this is stupid for a number of reasons. 

  • No one got hurt, heck no one even was hit. 
  • It’s spring training and pitchers are wild.  I think Lee threw at Snyder but the league office is definitely not giving the benefit of the doubt to one of it’s best players.
  • League offices sometimes like to show off their power and “send a message” about the upcoming season.  I guess this years message is we will not tolerate pitchers almost hitting batters.  This is unfortunate since it’s been part of the game for 140 years and won’t stop anytime soon.  My mom might say “Good for them for trying to stop this.”  I’d say that the league office is power-tripping.

I know I’m overreacting a little.  Five games is equivalent to one start for a pitcher but, as ussmariner.com pointed out, if Cliff Lee is playing to his full potential this year, one start could be worth up to $700,000.    Hopefully Lee’s suspension is knocked down a few games after he appeals, then he won’t have to miss a start.  If that doesn’t happen I say we send Milton Bradley up to show Bud Selig how angry he can get.

Did I mention that Lee didn’t even hit Snyder with the pitch….


Update: Right after I wrote this I saw Milton Bradley had been ejected from tonights game.  Irony is after me.



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3 responses to “Why Cliff Lee Getting Ejected isn’t Awesome

  1. Joe Loughery

    I agree on this Cliff Lee thing, I am calling BS, this is a joke. And then Milton gets run tonight for nothing, the ump had a quick hook. What a joke, I hate this. I love fighting in hockey, and I love bean ball wars in baseball, and I love guys yelling at umps because the pitch was legitimately high. Too many of these officials are over sensitive, if they have a problem go on Oprah and get a hug or something. Geez, grow some skin.

  2. Skin isn’t the word I would’ve used……

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