Huskies to Play a Thursday Night Game

The Husky football team is on the verge of playing its spring football game this Friday night and this apparently won’t be the last time they on a weekday this year.  The school has announced that they are moving their final home game, against UCLA, to Thursday, November 18th.  The game will be televised nationally on ESPN.  This game has several implications:  It will be senior night (Jake Locker’s last home game), Rick Neuheisel’s return to Husky Stadium, and a possible bowl game on the line (we can hope).

I’m excited about this.  I see the downsides to it and I tend to be more of a traditionalist in that I like my football on Saturday, but there are some real positives to this.  Some of those are:

  • The program is on the up-swing and the more attention we get the better. 
  • If the team had some success throughout the season that means Jake Locker’s Heisman campaign is probably in full force.  With this game on national TV, everyone will get a chance to see what Jake can do.  This should only help his Heisman chances (unless he has a bad game).
  • The atmosphere should be fun.  Any game that’s on national TV usually has a little different atmosphere which adds to the excitement.  The crowd should be fired and that does help the team.
  • ESPN helps with recruiting.  Players want to play on the biggest stage and ESPN is that right now (as much as I don’t really think it should be).

I’m looking forward to this.  What do you think?



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  1. Joe Loughery

    LOVE IT!!!! There is so much to like about this!!!

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