A Spark or Just False Hope?

This last week has been one of the most frustrating weeks I can remember as a sports fan.  Since last Friday’s win at Tampa Bay, the Mariners’ had gone on a 5-game losing streak in which they lost 4 of those games by one run.  Two of those games were walk-off wins and this 5-game skid doesn’t even count the 8th inning collapse in Baltimore last week.  We could see that the M’s were playing better than they had during their 8-game losing streak but the results weren’t there to prove it.  Unfortunately for this team, results are all that matters.

On top of this, 5-star recruit Terrance Jones ended his recruiting roller coaster by signing with Kentucky Wednesday.  I’ve watched a Husky football team go 0-12, I watched the ’08 Mariners and I’ve watched so many other Seattle sports teams collapse but this was my mountain top of frustration.  These were my teams.  The 2010 Mariners were supposed to remind Seattle that it was truly a baseball city.  The 2010-11 Husky basketball team was going to be the one who finally made it to the elite eight, led by a mix of experience and great young talent.  But on Wednesday night, the lights were shut off on these hopes.

Then came Thursday.  I don’t watch the Mariners because I think they’ll make the playoffs.  Sure, I hope they’ll make the playoffs but I watch the M’s because they’re my team.  Same goes for the Huskies.  Because of this, I faithfully took my place on the couch and turned on yesterdays afternoon game.  I didn’t expect to win but I watched anyway, again because they’re my team. 

The game went like so many had before.  The Mariners’ kept it close but looked as if they’d come up just short.  But, this time they had a rally that didn’t end in disappointment.  With one swing of the bat by the most respected man on the team (yes, Griffey is the most respected player on that team) Mariner fans were allowed to do something they hadn’t done in a while.  Smile. 

The question is whether this was a spark or just a good moment in a disappointing season.  The frustration of this week is still lingering even with the relief that yesterday brought.  Terrance Jones is still a Wildcat and the Mariners are still 8.5 back in the West.  But instead of the room being pitch black Griffey stumbled around to plug a night-light in.  Yesterday, he was the hero and I couldn’t think of a better way for this team to win than to mob the teammate they look up to the most.  But now, it’s a brand new day.  This team needs a winning streak and needs it to happen soon or this season will be all but over by July.  Today is not a must-win but it’s pretty dang close.  It’s time to see if this was a spark or if the room is still black. 


A few random notes after the jump

  • If you were upset that Griffey was the one who got the game winning hit yesterday because it means he’ll be on the roster longer stop being upset.  That is dumb.  I’m in the “Please find a way to get Griffey off the roster” club too but it’s not going to happen right now.  Be happy that he had a good moment.  In fact, enjoy the moment because it might be one of the last real “Griffey moments” we have.  I hope that he becomes a productive pinch hitter and is happy with that role.
  • The club has quietly made moves to make them better in the last few days.  Milton Bradley has come off the restricted list Sean was sent down.  This most likely means that Saunders will start in left against right-handers and Bradley will be the DH.  This gives the bench more flexibility (although Tui is pretty bad in the infield) and they picked the right reliever to send down to the minors.  The 6-man bullpen is the way to go!
  • The Mariners’ have picked a bad season to be sucky because baseball has been fun this year.  When the Mariners’ are bad it makes it hard for me to watch more baseball but notice how crazy this year has been; the Padres and Reds are/were in first place within the last week, the Nationals are above .500, the Red Sox and Yankees aren’t in first place, and the Twins and Rays are fun teams to root for.  Heck, even the Rangers are fun but I can’t cheer for them until the Mariners are clearly out of it, which could happen by next week. 
  • We get to watch Cliff Lee tonight!
  • Have a great weekend, and if the Mariners start losing than go out and do something fun and don’t watch them.


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6 responses to “A Spark or Just False Hope?

  1. Matthew

    Maybe a spark of false hope?

  2. Matthew

    Or a false spark of hope? Hope of a false spark? False pope on fire?

  3. Matthew

    Did you ever notice how weird the word false looks? And sounds?

  4. Matthew

    That was three straight comments with all questions?

  5. Matthew

    Make it 4 straight?

  6. I looked at the blog and thought, “Oh sweet, my post got 5 comments.” Than I looked at the comments. I will answer your questions in order:
    Maybe, possibly, no we don’t want that, false popes are often burnt, yes I’ve noticed how weird it looks, no I’ve never noticed how weird it sounds until now, yes it was 3 straight, it wouldn’t have been 4 straight if you didn’t phrase it as a question.

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