Countdown to Camp: The Best Games

The Huskies will take the field for the start of Fall Camp in just six days!  Today, the subject of our Countdown to Camp is the most memorable home games.  I haven’t missed a Husky home game in roughly 7 years but that doesn’t leave me with a ton of memorable games.  Fortunately, there’s enough for a blog post.  Let’s get rockin!  (These are in no particular order).

2003:  Huskies-42 Ducks-10 

This game has always stuck with me.  The Dawgs were in the midst of a very strange season.  It was Neuheisel’s last and his team was underachieving.  Coming into the game, the Ducks players had plenty to say in the papers.  They talked about winning and then dancing on our W after the game as the Huskies walked off the field.  It was a night game at Husky Stadium, which was more of a rarity back then.  The first half was pretty close and starter Cody Pickett, was hurt.  But then Casey Paus came in wiped the Ducks off the field.  Looking back, the thought of Casey Paus beating the Ducks is one of the funnier things I can think of.  The atmosphere turned into one big party; the guy standing behind us kept his “Ducks suck!” chant going late into the night.  Along with the game being awesome, the Duck’s band seemed to be wearing bike helmets and did one of the weirdest halftime shows I’ve ever seen.  Although, you could hardly hear them over all the boos.  We haven’t beat the Ducks since this game and this has been our biggest blow out of an opponent until beating Cal by the same amount last year.

2000:  Huskies-34 Miami-29

This game would beat out any other if I had been a little bit older.  I can’t remember a ton from this game but I do remember how loud it was.  When Husky Stadium gets really loud, it starts to shake.  This is the first time I remember this happening at  a game I went to.  Also, I remember Miami fans chanting “Santana!” (for receiver Santana Moss) as he went out to return his first punt.  He fumbled that punt return and the Dawgs went on to win.  Miami’s hail mary was swatted down at the end and the band raced on to the field while playing ‘Celebrate’.  This game should be on ESPN Classic more often.

2003:  Huskies-27 Cougars-19

The Huskies upset the Cougars once again in 2003.  This victory came with the famous ‘Pickett to Williams’ play.  Corey Williams didn’t do much else in his career but he’ll always have that play.  The stadium was shaking as the Dawgs went on to win.

2000:  Huskies-33 Beavers-30

This is the game that gave the Huskies their eventual Pac-10 title.  The Oregon State kicker missed a field goal with no time left and the Huskies went on to victory.  No one knew how critical this game was until down the road.

2009: Huskies-16 USC-13; Huskies-36 Arizona-33

I put these two together because you all know what happened.  They were both miracles.  The Dawgs beat the third ranked team in the nation one week after snapping their losing streak.  I rushed the field and stood next to men much older than I who had tears rolling down their cheeks.  It was a sort of redemption for the past 6 seasons of ineptitude. 
Then the Mason Foster interception.  That was a miracle and a game that reminded me of the 2001 Michigan game. 

2009:  Huskies-30 Cougars-0; Huskies-42 Cal-10

These games weren’t very high on the dramatic scale and wouldn’t be on the list if they weren’t the last ones the Dawgs had played.  But, think about how crucial these games could be in Husky history if they go on to better things this year.  These could have been the games that made Jake stay for his senior season.  These could be the games that jump-start an offense with loads of potential.  If the Huskies return to prominence these could be the games that were the turning point.  If that’s the case, then I’d say these were as memorable as anything.




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6 responses to “Countdown to Camp: The Best Games

  1. Michelle

    As a 1990 grad, I’m excited for the Huskies to resume their Purple Rain and early 90s dominance! I live in LA now and I know Brent Williams. He had a lot of scouts pass because of he weight, but he WRECKED ’em in camps last summer. However, he is slim. He needs to eat more of the candy bars and cookies he’s always carrying to sell in order to have extra cash.

    • Matthew

      Welcome to the blog, Michelle! Thanks for the info. I was a little surprised to hear about Williams gray-shirting, but hopefully he can use the year to put on some weight. He’s always sounded like a guy with a lot of potential. I’ll look forward to watching him in a couple of years.

    • Thanks for reading Michelle! I’m excited to see Williams. With the lack of depth at defensive end he could see playing time. I’m sure Ivan Lewis will get him up to the weight they want him at over the next year or two. When we make it to a practice we’ll be sure to give you an update on how he did.

      • Matthew

        Was Williams not the one who they decided to grayshirt really late? Am I thinking of someone else?

        • I’m sorry, I was wrong on that one. He is greyshirting. I was thinking of Hudson. Williams does seem like a good guy to grayshirt although it wouldn’t have surprised me if he could have helped this year.

        • I’m sorry, I was wrong on that one. He is greyshirting. I was thinking of Hudson. Williams does seem like a good guy to grayshirt although it wouldn’t have surprised me if he could have helped this year.

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