Alex Gibbs resigns

Reports all over the place that offensive line coach of the Seahawks, Alex Gibbs, has resigned. This is shocking news. Speculation is the Hawks will release OG Ben Hamilton, who Gibbs brought in to help mentor Russell Okung. So much for that plan. This development is mystifying on so many levels. I understand how a guy can resign over health issues, which if that is the case, I hope he is fine, but it also could be the fact that it is becoming more and more apparent by the days and weeks that this franchise is rebuilding, and Gibbs may not have the patience for that. Wish he would have figured this out when he decided to come back to coaching. Ridiculous!



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  1. dpscansen

    Maybe it has something to do with the fact that our running game shows no signs of improving. 4 preseasons games, and our 4 game rushing yards have been 88, 75, 44, 75. Ugggggggggggly stuff there.

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