Around the Pac-10: Week 3

The Pac-10 had a much better week, going undefeated in non-conference games.  The schedule is a lot tougher this week.  Let’s jump right in:

Last Week:  Arizona 52, The Citadel 6
Up Next: Home vs. Iowa
So, we still don’t know much about Arizona but they have been impressive in killing people.  Needless to say, The Citadel isn’t good and this score doesn’t really matter.  This week Arizona has Iowa coming in and we’ll know if the Wildcats are for real.  Iowa is a really good football team and it will be exciting to see if this team can stack up.  I think they can but will it be enough to win?  By the way, this was the game that should have gotten ESPN Gameday in my opinion.  Not that I care a whole lot.

Arizona State
Last Week:  ASU 41, Northern Arizona 20
Up Next:  @ Wisconsin
ASU survived a scare from Northern Arizona.  This game was a lot closer than the final score indicates; ASU didn’t pull away until the 4th quarter.  They could have been looking ahead to a tough match-up this week.  Or, they might not be very good.  I’m guessing it’s a mix of both.  Anyway, Wisconsin should kill ASU but who knows if the Big-10 is as good as people think.  This could be a game to keep an eye on.  I don’t really know what to expect.

Last Week:  Cal 52, Colorado 7
Up Next:  @ Nevada
Cal may have had the most impressive win this week, outside of Oregon.  I know Colorado sucks but they are still a Big-12, soon to be Pac-12, team.  So, is Cal any good?  We still don’t know for sure and this week will tell us much more.  Nevada is a much tougher opponent and it will be a good test for the Golden Bears defense.  If they win this game, count me in as a believer.

Last Week:  Oregon 48, Tennessee 13
Up Next:  Home vs. Portland State
Oregon looks really good.  I don’t want to say much else because it drives me crazy.  They could win the national championship.  In brighter news, Portland State is probably a little better than New Mexico.  Oregon’s defense hasn’t really been tested yet.  Still, they’ve outscored opponents 120-13 so far.  Wow.

Oregon State
Last Week:  Bye week
Up Next:  Home vs. Louisville
The Beavers had the week off.  This week they play a team they should handle pretty easily.  Louisville isn’t a complete push over but are more like a solid tune-up before Boise next week.  Keep everyone healthy Beavs!  All the mid-major haters are counting on you!

Last Week: Stanford 35, UCLA 0
Up Next:  Home vs. Wake Forest
The Cardinal demolished UCLA, but I’m left thinking this is more because the Bruins suck than it is the Cardinal being great.  Stanford has weapons but I want to see them against a good offense before I make a final judgment.  With that being said, I do think they are in the upper half of the Pac-10 and could challenge for the conference title.  The Demon Deacons of Wake Forest surprised the Cardinal last year with a second half comeback.  Expect revenge to be sweet this year for the Stanford, boys.  Wake Forest isn’t too great.

Last Week:  Stanford 35, UCLA 0
Up Next:  Home vs. Houston
UCLA looks absolutely terrible.  If Wazzu wasn’t on their schedule I don’t know if they’d win a game.  This week they play a Houston team who may be missing their star quarterback.  If he isn’t playing they might stand a chance, if he is than I’d be surprised if it’s close.  UCLA’s offense looks terrible and their defense doesn’t look much better.  But, they have enough talent to play a good game or two.  Slick Rick may be job-hunting if they keep going at this pace.

Last Week:  USC 17, Virginia 14
Up Next:  @ Minnesota
Who is this team?  Surely, they aren’t as bad as they have looked.  They are 2-0 but still.  A team with this talent should have won more convincingly than they have so far.  Maybe they put it together this week.  Even if they don’t, they should beat a Minnesota team that just lost to an FCS team.  But, Pac-10 play starts soon for the Trojans and they better figure a few things out before it does.

Last Week:  WSU 23, Montana St. 22
Up Next: @ SMU
They won.  Still, should Cougar fans be excited about that?  I don’t know.  A win is a win but that cliche doesn’t sit as easily when it’s a miracle win against Montana State.  In other words, a win sometimes is a little less than a win.  The Cougars will ride their momentum into a showdown with SMU.  Could any Pac-10 team in history ever be a 20 point underdog to this SMU team?  Probably not.  They look worse than last year.  Really.

Power Rankings after the jump.  1. Oregon – Looks like the best team in the conference, by far.
2. Arizona – They look impressive but first real test will come this weekend.
3. Stanford –
4. OSU – Could be anywhere from 2nd-4th but they had a bye so they drop off this week.
5. USC – A really unimpressive 0-2.  Will they turn it around?
6. Cal – They could really jump forward with a win this week.  They probably deserve to be a little higher but who could they jump over right now?
7. UW- Could shoot up a long ways with a win this week.  And won’t likely move any further back if they lose.
8. ASU- Can’t get a read on them yet.  This week will show a lot more.
9. UCLA- The Bruins look terrible but….
10. WSU- Not near as terrible as the Cougars.  Sorry Cougs.

Thanks for reading!



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