Husky Predictions: USC

In my opinion, this is the hardest game to call on the Huskies’ schedule. I’m nowhere near ready to join the “USC is overrated” crowd, but there are clearly a lot of questions about them. Sarkisian’s claims that they’re the most talented team in the Pac-10 are accurate or very close to it. Still, they have some turmoil and a little less momentum in the program than anytime in recent memory, and when a team finally knocks them down, they might stay there a little longer than we’re used to. Can the Dawgs deliver the blow? Sure, could happen. Will they? My head says no, but I’m going to say they will. This team is bound to pull out a game sometime, and I’ll take a stab that this is the week. Call it wishful thinking.
UW 24- USC 21

When UW upset USC last year 16-13, little did I know it would be the beginning of the end for the USC dynasty. As it turned out, USC failed to win the Pac-10, Carroll left for Seattle, and the sanctions came down hard on the Trojans. Despite the unravelling, there are two staggering numbers that cannot be ignored in this game. First, USC has won an amazing 32 consecutive home night games. Second, the Huskies have not won a road game in nearly 3 years, dating back to November, 2007. Streaks are made to be broken, and the Huskies certainly have a shot tomorrow night, but I don’t see it. USC should be able to run at will on the Huskies, which will open up the passing game for Barkley. Revenge is also on the Trojans’ minds, after what happened in Seattle last year. As for the score, I see a shootout between two offenses that are ready to get on track.
USC 42, UW 27
(I might feel more optimistic if I wasn’t currently watching Utah State handle BYU 24-7 at halftime…)

For some reason, I like the Huskies in this game.  Everything, of course, is against them.  A still talented USC team, night game in the Coliseum, two weeks to chew on getting whipped by Nebraska, the nations worst special teams kick coverage, a ton of downer press for Jake Locker, etc.  I think these reasons are precisely why I like the Dawgs.  They should come out with fire, us against the world, chip on their shoulder attitude.  I think they will channel all the negative juju of the past two weeks and turn it into a fine performance.  Look for Jake Locker to bounce back, as USC has nowhere near the secondary Nebraska has.  I see a big game from Kearse, and James Johnson should be back for added help.  Defensively, the Dawgs must keep contain and take correct angles in tackling.  It’s really not that hard.  Stick to the basics and you’ll be fine.  I am still worried about the special teams, but Sark has made it clear they have focused on that team quite a bit at practice.  Historic road win for the Dawgs. Yes, I still believe.  UW 31 – USC – 28

I was going to pick the Dawgs in this game.  I want to pick the Huskies to win.  But, can they really do it?  They are outmatched at just about every position except for quarterback, and that is even closer than I ‘d like to think.  USC might pound the ball for what feels like an eternity and this game will feel lost before it ever begins.  Or, maybe the Huskies come out and show a decent run defense like they had in the first two games of the season.  Maybe the running game will finally get going a little bit.  Maybe the Jake Locker that we all expected will finally show up.  The secondary could play tight defense and the receivers could get some separation.  All of this could happen, but I don’t see it all happening.  I hope I’m wrong but for now I’m going to pick USC in a close one.  This game could be devastating if it’s a close road loss.
USC 35 – UW 31

All of the Good Guys’ are 2-1 on the year with Husky predictions.  Enjoy your Saturday and thank God for college football!


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  1. Joe Loughery

    “Yes, I still believe”. Boom.

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