The Walden Rant

If you have not yet heard the interview Ian Furness had with Jim Walden (WSU color man) yesterday, well, you missed out. I happened to hear it live, and almost pulled over for fear that I would cause an accident on the road. The words coming out of Walden’s mouth, during his 10 minutes of continuous ranting, were beyond ignorant. He made so many outlandish comments, it was hard to keep up, and my mind was left swirling. Jim Walden is kind of the cougar equivelant to Dick Baird, so this would be like Baird going on a station in Spokane, and losing his mind. In a nutshell, Walden is up in arms over the idea of Paul Wulff being fired, and goes as far as to say anyone who thinks otherwise is stupid. Coug Center with SB Nation does a terrific job summarizing the interview. Check it out, laugh a little, then be glad you are a Dawg!

Jim Walden Wants To Know: ‘Why Do I Have To Keep Explaining To The Stupid?’



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  1. This is terrible. The comparison to the Huskies is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. This is also one of the reasons why the Cougars will never be continuous contenders, attitudes like this. I’d be completely embarrassed if I was a Cougar fan.

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