A Mariner 2011 Retrospective

You got worried when you saw that title, didn’t you?  Well, don’t worry, I was just kidding!  I feel like I should write something on the worst season in Mariner history, but I don’t want to, and I’m sure you don’t want to read it, so what’s the point?  If you really want to read something, all of the local blogs and papers have something up.  For instance, over at the Times, the two Mariner headlines I saw were Larry Stone’s “2010 will be remembered as worst ever for Mariners” and Geoff Baker’s blog post “Talent and Character: 2010 Mariners were devoid of both”.  Good times!

I did like what Dave Cameron had to say over at USS Mariner when he pointed out that, while 2011 probably won’t bring a championship (or even the playoffs), it can still be entertaining.  There’s a lot of room to move up the enjoyment scale after this season, and there’s no reason the 2011 M’s can’t jump their entertainment factor significantly.  I want winning baseball as much as anyone else, but if I’m thinking about going to a game on a random weeknight, a few exciting plays and a line up with some crazy guys rate pretty high on my list.  Just give me someone interesting to watch!

The 2011 Mariners aren’t going to win every game.  But, if they can score 4 or 5 runs most of the time, it might feel like they win every game.  And for that, we can thank the 2010 Seattle Mariners.  Believe Big!



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