Husky Predictions

Big game for the Dawgs!  On to the predictions:


Desperation is a funny thing in sports. The good teams raise their level of play in the face of desperation, while bad teams wilt. Washington’s season is on the line when they take the field against OSU. I don’t mean to overstate the meaning of one game, but the Huskies must play desperate, fiery, and make a statement. I’m tired of the excuses, even the valid ones. It’s about time UW rises to the occasion, and plays lights out at home, under the lights. I trust both offenses will play well, despite the health concerns on both teams. I think it comes down to turnovers and defense in this one, and while I don’t feel good about the Husky D, I think they will do just enough to keep the game close. I’ll be at the game for the first time this season, and after going 3-0 last year (USC, Arizona, WSU), I’m hoping my luck continues. Oregon State is a proven road team, and have played in atmospheres just as, if not more hostile than Husky Stadium. But again, desperation being the theme, I think the Huskies find a way to get it done, and keep the bowl hopes alive. Win one for Jake!
OSU-30, UW-34


I’ve been surprised at how many people are picking the Huskies this week. I hope they’re right. I have a hard time seeing UW winning this game. The Beavers have their number, are a better team, and are getting better every week. Maybe Locker will carry the Dawgs and the defense will play their best game of the season, but I’m not getting my hopes up.
OSU 35– UW 27


I don’t think there’s a lot in favor of the Dawgs this week.  They don’t have much momentum.  They have several key players injured.  They’re breaking in a new offensive line that seems to have quite a few holes.  And, they’re playing a team that seems to beat them up every single year.  So, I see the Dawgs winning by double digits.  Yes, I know that contradicts everything I’ve said but I’m just trying to keep up with a frustrating, inconsistent team.  I don’t know why I think the Huskies will win.  But, throughout the week I’ve had the feeling that it might happen and this week I’m going with my gut over my head.  Hey, the Beavers are pretty beat up too.  Dawgs win on a cold night.  It’s not even going to be that close.  (This is the worst prediction I’ve made in a long time).
UW-42 OSU-21


I am too optimistic for my own good.  Maybe because I am a born and bred Seattle sports fan, I have adapted to handle losing by being positive and having fun with bad situations.  The situation the Huskies find themselves in is a bad one, yet I feel good about their prospects against Oregon State.  The way I feel about this game is the same way I felt about USC.  Coming off devastating loses, the Huskies have had an uncanny ability under Sark to bounce back and play well.  I expect this trend to continue.  Locker will play better despite his quad injury.  He won’t be puking on the sidelines.  I think Sark knows he needs to run the ball more, so look for Polk and Callier to get more carries, thus helping the Dawgs win the clock/ball control battle.  The Beavers are still very dangerous even without James Rodgers.  Jacquizz scares the crap out of me.  He’ll have a huge game.  Katz has played well of late too.  The Husky defense must not give up touchdowns.  Hold them in the redzone and give the offense a chance.  I think the Husky O will bounce back bigtime and carry the Dawgs to a win.  Yup.  Mr. Optimistic.
Dawgs 31 – Beavers 30

Go Huskies!




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  1. I can’t believe 3 of us picked the Huskies and I can’t believe that they’re favored in this game.

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