R.I.P. Dave Niehaus

Dave Niehaus just passed away from a heart attack today in his home.  The longtime Mariner announcer was relatively young, 75, and seemed to have every intention of coming back year after year to be the voice of the Mariners.  The Mariners have changed managers, players, and front office officials many times over their 33 year history but Dave was the mainstay.

Sometime soon, we’ll look back at our memories of this hall-of-famer but for now we offer up our thoughts and prayers to his family.  Dave was the best of the best in the announcing booth and seemed to be the same way as a man.  You’ll be missed, Mr. Niehaus.  Seattle has suffered some bad days in sports lately, but today is more than sports.  Thank you for everything, Dave.


Update: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzMgO-mrarU


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